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I'm kidding myself this gender scan could be wrong aren't I?

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user1490352973 · 24/03/2017 11:31

I have been driving myself mad looking at this photo trying to stop kidding myself that this baby is anything but a boy. Do you agree that this is clearly a boy (besides the word boy of course 😂)?
This is the first time I have found out my baby's gender as I experienced a bit of disappointment with my second son which I think made me a little slower to bond with him (we're totally loved up now) so with this happy surprise pregnancy I decided to find out (at 17 weeks) so I would have months to get used to the gender. The problem is making myself believe it's correct and letting go of any hope I may get my long wanted daughter after all. Stupidly I did not get gender confirmed at 20 week scan as she didn't ask if we wanted to know & my husband only asked when she'd finished & she said sorry but she hadn't looked. I was pretty sure I saw his bits during the scan so in that moment didn't need the reassurance.
I would be keen to hear if this looks like a boy (or maybe a girl) & from anyone who couldn't believe their scan & how they felt when it was confirmed correct on the big day.
Thank you in advance.

I'm kidding myself this gender scan could be wrong aren't I?
OP posts:
Orangedaisy · 25/03/2017 03:56

Very clear boy you have there. Looks completely different to my scans of DDs. Glad you have time to process before he is here.

SuperBeagle · 25/03/2017 04:08

That's as boy if ever I've seen one.

Gender disappointment sucks. I had slight disappointment over my 3rd when I found out she was a girl, as I'd gotten so used to my two boys that I got it set in my mind that I wanted a third. But of course you love them instantly when you meet them, and now I couldn't imagine it any other way. Be easy on yourself, and go shopping for some cute little boy clothes! Flowers

SuperBeagle · 25/03/2017 04:08

That's a*

user1490352973 · 25/03/2017 07:13

Thank you. I can't imagine being disappointed with a girl as number 3 as it's what I wanted so much. I do know from my experience though that you can't grasp how something really feels until you are in that situation.
I could set up a shop of boys clothes! Instead of shopping I am taking comfort in not needing to as we are struggling a bit with cash flow! DD2 is nearly 3 when DD3 arrives so will be a while since I saw the clothes & will be good to see them. Plus I have an olive skinned brunette & pale skinned blonde (my mini-me) so I have colours to suit DD3 however he comes out. I definitely started to get over my gender disappointment last time around when I realised one shallow issue was that I was using hand me downs from DD1 & they just didn't suit DD2 so swapped the neutrals for brights!

OP posts:
EyeStye · 25/03/2017 07:16

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

QODRestYeMerryGentlemen · 25/03/2017 07:17

3 boys sound like fun, I know what you mean though as I would have chosen girl over boy
Had a girl but would have felt a twinge of regret as only able to have the one

IndianaMoleWoman · 25/03/2017 07:28

EyeSty it's taken from under the bum, so you can see the legs either side and the penis in the middle.

IndianaMoleWoman · 25/03/2017 07:30

Oh and yes very clearly a boy. Girls have three bold white lines.

I'm sorry you're disappointed OP, but I think you did the right thing in finding out so you can get used to the idea before he arrives.

user1490352973 · 25/03/2017 07:49

DS!!! Not used to these abbreviations yet!!

OP posts:
user1490352973 · 25/03/2017 08:50

Thanks for the views & supportive messages Smile

OP posts:
TheShapeofYou · 25/03/2017 08:56

I don't know keep about scan picture, but do know about gender disappointment. I have two lovely boys, but at the 20wk scan when the sonographer said it's a boy, I couldn't hide my disappointment.

I went home and cried for 24hrs (was also suffering from hyperemesis so was dehydrated and exhausted, and my beloved Mother had not long passed away, so I was very fragile). Then after that got on with it and haven't really looked back. Didn't "instantly bond" as soon as he was born, but that was the same for both of mine. That was a longer process.

Congrats OP! Smile

user1490352973 · 25/03/2017 09:05

Thank you. Interestingly I think my preference first time around was slightly towards boy. Certainly when DS1 arrived I was beyond thrilled with a little boy. I think the baby's gender is just one thing (if you don't know before) that confirms they are a real person you've brought into the world.
If I had thought there would only be one I honestly could've say what I'd have hoped for.
2 boys are fun & I'm sure 3 will be. My main fear is being just a MIL for any grandchildren & not having that mother grown up daughter bond...we're there similar reasons for your preference?

OP posts:
TheShapeofYou · 25/03/2017 09:14

Exactly that. And the fact I have two sisters, so was just used to a more female dominant household. I also have a stepson, so am totally outnumbered! Due to the hyperemesis, and difficult pregnancy, my age etc I knew I didn't want any more. So ds2 was my last chance.

At least we'll always be the Queen in our household! And I'm sure we're lovely DIL's tho so let's hope for the same in the future Wink

user1490352973 · 25/03/2017 09:24

Thank you TheShapeofYou for sharing your own experience & I'm sorry to hear about your mum. That must have been a very difficult time. Puts into perspective gender disappointment's real & hard but not the worst thing x

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