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Chacha's Good News..

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ChaCha · 01/03/2007 11:30

DS2 was delivered by elective c-section on Friday the 16th of February at noon at 39+1. Weighed 7lbs 12.5 and has a lovely head of black hair.

Having an elective section was the best decision I've ever made, watched DS being delivered and had him placed on my chest - the ultimate high for me as never experienced this with DS1 (emergency section). Was treated v.well in hospital, even given my own room with ensuite! Fantastic experience from start to end


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Tortington · 01/03/2007 11:31


Marscentio · 01/03/2007 11:31


ShowOfHands · 01/03/2007 11:32


Congratulations to you.

bettythebuilder · 01/03/2007 11:34


dejags · 01/03/2007 11:35


marymillington · 01/03/2007 11:38

Congratulations Chacha, glad it went well.

Does he have a name yet? and can we have a picture?

BLWisbest · 01/03/2007 11:40

Awww congratulations Chacha!

Welcome baby boy


TheOriginalXENA · 01/03/2007 11:42

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

LieselVentouse · 01/03/2007 12:00

ChaCha Im so glad to hear this, I have heard only negative things about sections (i.e some people felt every single tear and stitch) Im having elective section in July.
Whats his name?

ChaCha · 01/03/2007 13:28

Thank you

Glad i could shine a positive light on elective sections then, it was definitely a wonderful experience, would not hesitate to do it all again!

Mary M - Hey!!! How are you? I must have missed your news...[goes off to search]

DS2 has been named Joseph Gabriel or as we call him in Arabic 'Yusuf Jibril'

OP posts:
lulumama · 02/03/2007 15:58

congratulations..glad it was a positive experience, welcome to Joseph gabriel x

ja9 · 10/03/2007 14:06

Congratulations ChaCha on your new ds. Glad you had such a positive birth experience!

Tortington · 10/03/2007 14:29

congrats again!

peachygirl · 13/03/2007 11:30

Congratulations Cha cha

HellKat · 14/03/2007 08:17


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