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Parents/ in law reactions

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ljvans · 29/01/2017 12:32

Anybody have any good parents or in law reactions to your announcements? I'd love to hear some!Grin

OP posts:
JohnLapsleyParlabane · 29/01/2017 12:34

We told the in-laws on facetime. MiL dropped the ipad and broke it Grin she really was excited to become a granny!

ljvans · 29/01/2017 12:45

Awh that's wonderful! -minus the broken device!Halo

OP posts:
JonSnowsWhore · 29/01/2017 13:07

My mil guessed! I was only about 12 weeks, we'd only just had the scan, and I'm in no way slim so wasn't showing in the slightest. We went round there one day, she shot upstairs & called my partner up after her, not unusual I thought she might have wanted help moving something or or whatever. & she asked him if I was pregnant as she just got this feeling! Really weird lol. I suppose she didn't want to ask infront of me incase it offended me if I wasn't lol.

My mum text me saying she'd had a dream about me being pregnant, so I said oh I suppose I better come clean & tell you then, she thought I was joking & laughed along lol

ljvans · 29/01/2017 13:15

Oh that's amazing, it's always good when everyone's excited! Grin

OP posts:
IRBJan17 · 29/01/2017 21:28

My in laws were very shocked, mil kept saying 'I'm going to be a grandma, I can't be a grandma yet!' but then spent th rest of the pregnancy saying to anyone who was near a baby 'I'm getting one of them' ๐Ÿ˜‚

My mum was on holiday at the time so we Skyped her and she cried her eyes out

mm81 · 30/01/2017 21:04

My mums reaction - what are you like????? .....We are not married, we're planning on getting married this July .. everything organised and them bam! I am preggers.. baby due a week before our non happening wedding, mum has calmed down now and is very happy for us. Smile

Singingforsanity · 02/02/2017 20:13

My DGM was literally speechless. She opened her mouth a few times but couldn't say anything for a good minute. It was the sweetest reaction ever Grin

lifeisazebracrossing · 02/02/2017 21:37

My mother nearly choked on a ham sandwich and looked incredulous! I said that my dog was getting a brother or duster and she thought I was getting another dog then I said 'I'm pregnant' and cried. My dad was there saying 'it isn't sad' as me and my mum cried.

lifeisazebracrossing · 02/02/2017 21:38

Sister not duster!

llemma · 06/02/2017 21:32

My mum came straight out with 'having a baby doesn't hurt', Hmm aye pal i think it does you've just forgotten and also a bit late for me to be thinking about that now!

TileTileTile · 22/02/2017 17:04

My FIL is a bit socially awkward and I think he wasn't sure what to say and wanted to say something nice so he said "I hope you have a happy rest-of-your-gestation" had me in stitches!

Ginlinessisnexttogodliness · 06/05/2017 11:36

MIL actually said "oh dear" when we told her number three was unexpectedly on their way, four weeks ago.
Chuffed to bits she was.

ellesbellesxxx · 06/05/2017 11:41

My grandma almost fainted.. we sat her down to tell her it was not just one baby ๐Ÿ˜‚

SelfObsessionHoney · 06/05/2017 11:43

DP's mum cried happy tears, she was really cute. She never thought he'd meet someone, settle down and start a family, she must have said about a dozen times how good a dad she thinks he'll be. It was lovely.

soundsystem · 06/05/2017 11:44

DH told MiL over the phone. She said "Ok dear, talk to you later". Then called back 5 minutes later to check what he'd said, and say congratulations Grin

milkyjo · 10/08/2017 13:00

My dad said well done when I casually mentioned 3rd baby but parents were happy. MIL came out with 'Is that what you want?' to DH! I told her 'no he didn't want it and I've gone out and got myself pregnant'. I was a bit flabbergasted with her statement, like I'm controlling DHs life! But she's happy and I think she was just really stunned as to her everyone has only two children maximum (rather ignorant). I am one of 4 so grew up in a large family.

Gothbaby · 14/08/2017 12:38

we told using a little pair of shoes. Had such bad morning sickness though so had to tell my MIL/SIL via skype (hubby went to see them for NYE). Found out later my SIL had thought the shoes were for their little dog!! xxx

QuackDuckQuack · 14/08/2017 12:44

When we told my DM about DC2 she said both of the following in the same sentence:
I didn't think you'd have any more
I thought you might be

I think she likes to always be right and the easiest way to do that is to hold completely contradictory view points.

bigoldbird · 14/08/2017 13:01

My MiL said, well at least that proves there is nothing wrong with you.

Gorgosparta · 14/08/2017 13:07

First time we told them all together. They all just look stunned then all jumped up excited.

The second time my mum was banging on about how great she thought dd being an only child was and how i shouldnt have another. I was 9 weeks and i blurted out 'well glad you said that.....i am pregnant......surprise'

Her face dropped from shock and then she hugged me and cried happy tears. Turns out, She didnt think it was that great that dd was an only and did want more grandkids but was trying (in her own wierd way) of being supportive because she thought we didnt want anymore.

Olivelor · 07/10/2017 16:37

My in laws were so happy and they are so protective over me. They are all waiting for my baby in another six more months. Grin

Counter27 · 11/04/2018 19:44

My MIL/FIL both immediately welled up and then I swear no more than 2 minutes later they changed the subject and wanted to show us the new carpet they had fitted and asked what we thought of a newly painted skirting board...

Dan1983 · 16/04/2018 19:47

My mother's reaction was shock, but happiness that she's going to be a grandmother again. She's had my niece as her only grandchild for 16 years.

My OH's parents are happy as this is their first grandchild. They live in the Phillippines, but will travel here this summer to see our daughter.

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