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pinkclaire · 15/02/2007 00:24

hi there, have only ever posted one or two questions on here when i was in the process of pram hunting and altho i havent contributed i have been following the absolutely lovely story of cadbury and spamhead's new baby's entranceCongrats by the way..she is gorgeous) hope it doesn't seem a bit crap to have just read and not joined in but i get the impression you all know each other so well and it would have felt a bit like butting in! am i just being paranoid!? thing is, if there are any of you still awake i was hoping someone could share their thoughts with me ...i am pregnant with my 3rd babby my other two are 11 and 6 and my due date is this sunday. all geared up and hoping soo much to get my first home birth. My waters went this am at 11.35 and my midwife assessed me at 12.30 this afternoon, said baby's head well engaged, 2-3 cms 50%effaced. having pathetic and irregular contractions all day but have leaked tons of water steadily. was 3 cms at 4pm and at 8.30 pm b4 she left to go get few hrs sleep she said i was a good 3-4 cms. thing is, i am still only having uncomfortable tightenings with no pattern or regularity and my feeling is that i havnt progressed any further.(im waffling on arent i? both my previous labours resulted in me being put on synt because in my local hosp u have only 24 hrs between waters and delivery so i had a deadline. my lovely midwife is not putting me under this pressure tho and tells me i will get there at my own pace..kinda worried i wont tho and wanna kno what i can do to get thigs going, have went for a walk, spent hrs on gym ball, tried a bath>> any other ideas or thoughts of any kind would be very much appreciated!

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Sallyheartshapedstrawberry · 15/02/2007 00:31

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sallyheartshapedstrawberry · 15/02/2007 00:34

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pinkclaire · 15/02/2007 00:37

great, thank u!!

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jampot · 15/02/2007 00:53

pinkclaire my waters broke 9 days before my dd was born. However i think that wasnt the norm. I would be inclined to telephone the hospital again in the morning (if you've not started properly by then) and take their advice. I believe the main risk is of infection so i personally would avoid a bath if you can and only take a shower. HOerver i am not medically qualified.

bumping this for you though and good luck x

pinkclaire · 15/02/2007 01:03

thanx jampot...hate the idea that i might not get my home birth after all but i guess the main thing is that baby gets here safely.x

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EdieMcredie · 15/02/2007 09:06

How's it going? Sorry im pg with my first so no helpful advice!

jampot · 15/02/2007 14:32

hey pinkclaire = how are you?

lulumama · 15/02/2007 14:37

hi pinkclaire

you are not butting in

NICE guidelines allow 96 hours between waters breaking and induction...

you can increase the intensity of contractions with nipple stimulation , not sex as your waters have gone, but orgasm can help...

your baby is coming, and 50 % effaced and 2-3 cm dilated is great

try to relax, eat and drink , rest when you need to and listen to your body

try some visualisation, lie down, on your left side, dark room, light a candle if you want and imaging your cervix softening and dilating, and your baby moving down, being born....imagine the strength of your uterus bringing your baby down and out into the world , focus on the positives and try to go with the flow x

HTH! xx

stoppinattwo · 19/02/2007 12:41

lulu that sounds really relaxing, may just go home and light a candle............... good luck pink claire, hope all is going well

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