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Sorkycake would like to announce her 'bun' is finally outta the oven!!

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sorkycake · 09/02/2007 22:05

Luca, born today at 2.03pm after a speedy 2.5 hour labour, weighing 7lb 11oz. He's tiny, gorgeous and hungry!
Started to get pains at 11.30am, felt pokey enough to call m/w at 12.30 ish. Examined at 12.45 and was 6cm dilated. 10 minutes later I got in the pool, instant relief but contractions coming thick n fast. G&A arrived at fully dilated, used this for 2nd stage and boy was it needed! 18 mins later he was born. 10 minutes later placenta delivered naturally. All done and dusted!

OP posts:
compo · 09/02/2007 22:06

wow, well done on posted so fast and many congratulations

Dinosaur · 09/02/2007 22:07

Wow! Fab birth story!

Congratulations, and I love the name .

Socci · 09/02/2007 22:07

Message withdrawn

Saturn74 · 09/02/2007 22:08

Well done and congratulations!
Beautiful name too!
(Couldn't you have posted sooner? )

lulumama · 09/02/2007 22:08

have a flapjack babe !! welcome to luca ! and well done you xxxxxxxx

franke · 09/02/2007 22:10

Blimey, blink and you missed it! Well done and welcome to little Luca

MrsJohnCusack · 10/02/2007 03:51


Cadbury · 10/02/2007 04:58

Oh Sorky that's wonderful news! Well done! And so fst too! Luca is a lovely name. Now you've had yur little one, my turn I think!

SmudgeMum · 10/02/2007 09:34

Big congrats Sorky - lovely name. I can't believe it happened so quick. Good job that the m/w came as soon as you called her! See you on the postnatal thread!

hitchcock · 10/02/2007 09:49


carrotcake · 10/02/2007 09:49

Wow! Luca was keen to make a quick entrance. Well done.

Fillyjonk · 10/02/2007 09:51

wayhey, congratulations!

croeso i luca

marmitemad · 10/02/2007 12:57

congratulations Sorkycake, lovely name, sounds like the perfect birth , can I have the same please?

MarsLady · 10/02/2007 12:59

Congratulations What a lovely lovely lovely birth story.

Booboobedoo · 10/02/2007 13:01


You have given all us due-in-March ladies hope with your lovely story. Talk about efficient...

Tommy · 10/02/2007 17:09

all sounds very calm and ordered - I would like it like that too please
Congratulations and welcome to Luca

pinkchampagne · 10/02/2007 17:14

Congratulations on the birth of Luca! Love the name!

peachygirl · 10/02/2007 17:33

congratulations sorky on your little boy

LadyTophamHatt · 10/02/2007 17:58

B;limey, you took you time posting this


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