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Monkeygirl's Mini-Gorilla has arrived

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monkeygirl · 11/06/2004 22:04

Monkeyboy finally arrived on 10th June (his due date!) at 7:50am and he weighed in at an eye-watering 10lbs 1oz.

After my false/pre-labour contractions 48 hours earlier, it all finally kicked and I managed to stay at home until I was about 4cm with yet another back pain only labour (an OP labour for me again).

On arriving at the hospital was told that I couldn't go to the birth centre but was in no state to argue about it with my mw. However despite desperately not wanting to this time, I finally succumbed to drugs cos I could not believe how painful it was (much much much worse than with my dd). If I had had a knife I would have stabbed the nearest person, instead I just abused everyone within earshot and yelled down the hospital. The epidural I had was virtually useless this time - didn't realise they don't always work as well if you have had one before.

When I finally got to the pushing stage the pain was so bad all I could do was scream no, I can't do this. Baby got stuck and mw suggested an episiotomy which I hadn't wanted but by this stage I would have let her cut me from top to toe. Still wasn't enough with my whopper and I also tore badly but what a bloody relief.

Of course the results were worth it. He is very squeezeable and squashy with a fantastic set of lungs but am much more tolerant of all the crying this time round - so far.

But if anyone ever catches me on the TTC board, please come and find me and shoot me cos I am never ever going through that again!

OP posts:
SoupDragon · 11/06/2004 22:05

oh yes... 10lb 1oz brings back tears of rememberance of DS1!!


motherinferior · 11/06/2004 22:58

Oh honey, thank god it's over. Well done on your beautiful BIG boy.

karen01 · 11/06/2004 23:04

Congratulations MG.
I am sure it was all worth it.
10lb 1oz Ouch
Hopefully won't be too far behind.

Take care

Hulababy · 11/06/2004 23:13

Congratul;ations and welcome to your DS

musica · 11/06/2004 23:18

Congratulations monkey girl! Sounds like it was a bit of an ordeal, but all worth it. Lots of love to you all.

ati · 12/06/2004 00:33

congrats monkeygirl! i just joined - wished i knew of this website before i had my dd in march. she was 8lbs and i thought that was huge, 10lbs?! ouch - hope you feel much better soon. am waiting for dd to wake up for her feed so got a couple of minutes to check out what's been posted!

suedonim · 12/06/2004 00:57


libb · 12/06/2004 12:53

Congratulations Monkeygirl! Am really really chuffed to bits for you xxx

Tinker · 12/06/2004 14:44

Congratulations monkeygirl - he sounds lovely, all squashy.

codswallop · 12/06/2004 15:11

suashy sounds gorge

well done

codswallop · 12/06/2004 15:12

a name?

emmatmg · 12/06/2004 15:44

I've always wanted one of those squeezable and squashy onesmine are always little string bean types.

Well done and Congratulations. Give him a little squeeze for me

WideWebWitch · 12/06/2004 17:10

Oh my word, 10lb 1oz! Well done and congratulations to you.

Marina · 12/06/2004 23:18

Hello squashy boy and welcome to Mumsnet! Congratulations Monkeygirl, sorry it was a bit of a marathon but sounds like he's well worth it.

Angeliz · 12/06/2004 23:20

Congratulations to you and welcome to the worls little squashy one

coppertop · 12/06/2004 23:21

Awwww! Congratulations!

colette · 13/06/2004 17:01

congratulations welcome to your big boy

colette · 13/06/2004 17:01

congratulations welcome to your big boy

dinny · 13/06/2004 17:53

Congratulations, Monkeygirl, what a big boy! Did you suspect he was going to be a whopper? Dinny x

morocco · 13/06/2004 22:55

big congrats and ouch

monkeygirl · 13/06/2004 23:31

Thank you for all for your kind words for me and baby Alex! Yes it is still very much ouch ouch ouch. Moral of this is, chocolate may make them happy but it doesn't half build them up.

And no I never really suspected what a whopper was coming out cos my mw led me to believe he wasn't that big!

But I thoroughly recommend having a big one!

OP posts:
Ghosty · 14/06/2004 06:51

Monkeygirl ... I have whoppers too! Congratulations and especially for managing to get your squashy boy out the normal route, which is more than I could do!

serenequeen · 14/06/2004 07:01

congratulations, monkeygirl and well done it sounds a bit of an ordeal.

Toothache · 14/06/2004 08:27

I'll take you word for it regarding your recommendations for a 'big one'.... an nice 8lb-er will be big enough for me thanks!

Welcome to baby Alex, and I hope your wounds heal quickly.

bunnyrabbit · 14/06/2004 09:35

Blimey. What a whopper!!

Many congratulations me dear....

PS Good name!! My DS is an Alex too

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