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2Happy is Happy to annouce...but a tad peeved at her inability to produce a child who faces the RIGHT WAY!

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2Happy · 05/02/2007 15:17

Went in for induction on Thursday at T+11. By 8pm I was feeling regular uncomfortable tightenings, shortly followed by my waters exploding all over the place. So far, so good.
Off we trotted to labour ward, 3cm dilated. Suddenly, wham, everything went nuts. Got the most intensely agonising contractions every couple of minutes, really sore back, pushing on and off, bellowing like a cow... Hey up, this is going well, we thought, must be progressing very rapidly here. But no, I was only 5cm. Ha ha, so I turned into labouring woman from hell "get me an epidural now!!!". dh tells me that when the mw said they were trying to locate an anaesthetist all they heard from me was "just get the bastard down here" .
Epidural in, felt much better, but clearly something was wrong. Turns out that ds2 had tried to rotate from ROA (good) to OP (bad) and got stuck at ROT (awful). Added to which, I have (in the obstetricians charming words) "sticky outy bits" on my pelvis stopping ds rotating any further, and stopping the forceps working. And so ds2 was born by caesarean section at 6.10am on Friday 7lb14oz, none the worse for his experience. Wish I could say the same for his mother, who remains eternally disappointed by her hopeless body.

OP posts:
Flower3554 · 05/02/2007 15:21

Ouch poor you. Well done though and congratulations. Have you picked a name yet?

ellieandhattie · 05/02/2007 15:33

oooo that first bit sounds painful 2happy bit at least he is here (at last!!) hope your recovering well froms ection and can't wait to see you on the postnatel thread x

theUrbanDryad · 05/02/2007 15:36 least he's FINALLY here though!! and ohhhh i remember how UTTERLY FAB it feels when that epidural goes in!

congrats and we'll see you on the post-natal thread v soon! oh and piccies too please!!

itsmeNDP · 05/02/2007 15:37

congrats and welcome to your boy

danceswithnewboots · 05/02/2007 15:41

2happy - Congratulations on ds2's safe arrival if not done in style Sorry you had such a rough time. DD was facing sort of nose to the side and she basically wouldn't shift so I had ended up with a c-section. It was shocking at the time but at the end of the day she was out safe and sound and I recovered well so please have faith you'll come to terms with your delivery soon.
Congrats again!

2Happy · 05/02/2007 15:42

Thanks everyone
Flower, he's called Matthew. And it was ouch. So was the trial of forceps with an incomplete epidural (apparently I not only have a weird pelvis, but also a weird spine which means the epidural didn't block my right side properly - it was exactly the same with ds1. Sigh)
EaH and UD - I'm trying to catch up on all the posts now! Far too many
Thanks, NDP

OP posts:
theUrbanDryad · 05/02/2007 15:47

we need to start a new thread - any ideas for titles 2Happy? can you tell i've been waiting for you?

Flower3554 · 05/02/2007 15:49

Lovely name Welcome to the world Matthew, be gentle with your Mummy.

Here's an idea, why not print off all the good wishes notes on mn and keep them for Matthew for when he grows up

Bubbaloo · 05/02/2007 15:53

Congrats again,2happy and welcome to the world,Matthew-lovely name.

Wishing you a speedy

lulumama · 05/02/2007 15:55

wow and and ouch !! was wondering about you today !! glad to hear of the safe, if somewhat eeeeek!! arrival of Matthew....!!

glad that he made it safely and you are ok ! your body is not hopless ! it grew a baby ! that is not hopeless ! if you are traumatised and do feel bad..don;t dismiss it, there are organisations who can help xxxxxxx

katierocket · 05/02/2007 15:56

Congrats 2happy, poor you for having such a difficult one.

Hattie2 · 05/02/2007 17:30

Fab news 2happy (if not the ideal way to get there) - we're due for a new post natal thread title when you're ready

LadyTophamHatt · 05/02/2007 17:31

Congratulations 2happy, we've all been waiting for you on the post natal thread

2Happy · 05/02/2007 18:19

Thank you all! I am mning, eating, and drinking a g&t (a weak one, lol!) all one-handed

OP posts:
ItsMeMellowma · 05/02/2007 18:21

Congratulations!!! Well Done!

2Happy · 05/02/2007 18:25

Is that well done on Matthew, or on the eating, drinking and mning?

OP posts:
marymillington · 05/02/2007 18:28

congratulations 2happy

and just to echo lulumama - you made this child and carried him for 9 very very proud

amyjade · 05/02/2007 19:38

Congratulations 2happy from a fellow June mummy. xx

nappyaddict · 06/02/2007 06:03

don't be disappointed you have a wonderful baby ds!

but i want to see photos!

2Happy · 06/02/2007 12:04

Thank you. I'll get a photo up when I work out how, lol! Need to take a picture of ds1 & 2 together - the two wrong directioners!!
(still seems strange typing ds2!)

OP posts:
liath · 06/02/2007 13:37

Online congratulations from me too!!

Don't worry about the dodgy pelvis - you are very good at b'feeding and don't turn into a raving lunatic as soon as you've given birth so that's two up on me already !

Loads of love & cuddles to your gorgeous boys.


MrsWednesday · 06/02/2007 16:02

Well done 2Happy! So pleased DS2 is here safe and well. Lovely name too.

Don't be peeved, be very proud of yourself.
You've just got awkward children with no sense of direction (typical men eh? )

annieapple7 · 06/02/2007 21:37

well done 2happy - see you on our postnatal thread!

Skyler · 08/02/2007 10:33

Yay 2 Happy. Sorry it was traumatic. Hope you are recovering now. Our dd would have been Matthew if she was a boy.

2Happy · 08/02/2007 11:45

Thanks, everyone. And thanks for all your support beforehand, Skyler (and all yours Liath, and happy birthday ).

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