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Poppynic's Lauren Rose arrives safe and well

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poppynic · 03/02/2007 20:21

Hi everyone. I'm a bit late announcing that Lauren Rose arrived last Friday night at 9.57 pm weighing in at 9'11". (At the risk of sounding like I'm at the Oscars - a BIG thank you to everyone who helped me through my anxious 9 months - especially Lulumama who seemed to show up for every problem - and the ladies on my Strep B thread at the very end.

I went in to be induced on Friday morning and waited and waited. Then I was asked to take part in some reasearch by an anaethetist where I had my breathing tested in different positions. I said sure, as long as I got my antibiotics first and it didn't interfere with getting on with the induction. The researcher then made sure I saw the registrar for examination and then went and found the penicillin and gave it to me. This meant I got a dose at 2.00 pm and another at 6.00 pm.

I got admitted to a labour room at 7.30 - the midwife tried to break the waters - she was new and couldn't - the next midwife at handover was great - said she thought the waters were already broken (no idea when) and gave me a sweep - off I went at about 8.30. - So glad I didn't go into labour at home coz never would have got my drugs in time - and so glad researcher hurried it all along. The most pushing was dp and midwife trying to push my legs apart while I tried to push them together - I pushed so hard I couldn't stand up afterwards .... - anyway baby made it out in spite of me and has survived the first and most dangerous strep B week - even though don't know when or where those pesky waters went.

Lauren is absolutely delightful - much easier than her big brother and I'm in a much better state with no tears or stitches.

Thanks again, I was a mess during my pregnancy and it was really Mumsnet which helped me through.

OP posts:
TheEmeraldCityTourGuide · 03/02/2007 20:22

Gorgeous name.

scarletRibbons · 03/02/2007 20:23

i don't know you but CONGRATULATIONS on the safe arrival of your LO- what a beautiful name!

lulumama · 03/02/2007 20:28

yay ! woo hoo !! congratulations on the safe and healthy arrival of Lauren Rose..beautiful names !! and a great weight !! so so glad that you got all your antibiotics and everything went smoothly..

so delighted all went well........

you are more than welcome, it was my pleasure...xx

annieapple7 · 04/02/2007 21:47

Congratulations Poppynic - love the name, which is what I have chosen for new daughter too!

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