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Mummy2jake has ds 2 weeks early.

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mummy2jake · 27/01/2007 22:45

i am the proud mummy to a new ds born at 7:12am on the 24/1/07
2weeks and 1 day early was induced due to signs of pre eclampsia again.
was given pessary at 4:15pm on 23/1 started to get pains in abdomen three hours later which were were a killer and after five hours of these was hoping to be on my way, the midwife examined me and found that my cervix had no change.
was absolutley gutted all that pain for nothing so had a bath to ease pain which was amazing took almost all the pain away.
was given prostin gel at 12/1 am and pains slowed down then got really bad again so i asked for pain relief and was given a jab of pethidin and i managed to sleep for 5 hours and woke to find it was snowing.
went toilet and pains hit me from nowhere again only in the abdomen gradually got worse and worse as they do until i couldnt take it any longer and had another jab of pethidine and within ten minutes was being sick
felt like my waters had gone which turned out i was bleeding so called midwife and was examined and told i was 5 cms
so stayed on bed and was given gas and air and had about five or six contractions gas and air had really calmed me down and i then could feel the head coming down with next contraction told my dp to go and get midwife as the baby was coming now he didnt believe but got them anyway and pushed 3 times and ds was born still in waters i pushed waters out that were still intact .
that was my birth story hope i havent rambled too much.
his weight was 7lbs 1.5ozs and i think were caling him max

OP posts:
Nemo2007 · 27/01/2007 22:46

congrates to you on your little man

VeniVidiVickiQV · 27/01/2007 22:47

oh congratulations! unusual to be born in a caul

lucy5 · 27/01/2007 22:47

Congratulations and welcome to the world Max!

SHHHH · 27/01/2007 23:09

congrats..!!!!!!!!!!! that I am due before you and still sat here with a huge bump..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

babalon · 27/01/2007 23:23

Noot many babies born to snow, and in their waters so I expect great things of him! {wink]

Well done take care of yourself and milk it!!

Max is a great name

bubblebell1 · 28/01/2007 08:33

congrats mumm to jake well done all my love to the family xx

SmudgeMum · 28/01/2007 12:03

Congrats Mummy2Jake - are you going to have to change your name now? I'm in two minds whether to read people's birth stories from our thread. Thankyou for not making it sound too awful, just the facts. Like SHHHH I'm jealous that I was due before you and you've already got your LO to cuddle.
Take care

Hulababy · 28/01/2007 12:16

Congratulations. Welcome to Max.

leahsmum · 28/01/2007 12:27


Well done!! Max is a lovely name! Oh wonder who'll be next.............................certainly not me - I have no signs of going anytime soon.

Booboobedoo · 28/01/2007 12:42

Congrats M2J! I remember your BFP!

Booboobedoo · 28/01/2007 12:44

(I was Hopecat BTW).

peachygirl · 28/01/2007 17:02

Congratulations Mummy2jake (and now Max)

Cadbury · 28/01/2007 17:13

congratulations mummytojakeandmax! well done!

babydrivertoo · 28/01/2007 22:13

Congrats mummy2jake and (maybe) max!

Sallyallyally · 29/01/2007 08:37

Congratulations. So pleased for you and your family. xxx

soundbites · 29/01/2007 12:18

Congratulations Mummy2Jake. Welcome Max ? 2nd baby to be born out of the Feb thread!


sorkycake · 29/01/2007 12:25


titchy77 · 30/01/2007 16:37

Congratulations to you!!

bunny3 · 30/01/2007 16:46

congratulations .

too at early birth, I still have 13 days to go and it's dragging.

BabyMadwithBump · 31/01/2007 15:57

congratulations! I read on baby website that babies born in their water bag is a sign that your baby/child will be very lucky in life, just thought I would let you know!

hairycaterpillar · 02/02/2007 13:00

CONGRATULATIONS! Well done and welcome Max

Longlegs1972 · 02/02/2007 13:04

Congratulations, love the name, same as my DS xxxx

Bouncyminky · 04/02/2007 21:55

Big congrats - hope that all well with you guys.

ja9 · 04/02/2007 22:01


Lovely name. Hope things are going well.

amyclaire85 · 21/02/2007 15:23

Congratulations! I have also got a Max born on 18th Jan

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