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Indith finally popped

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Indith · 11/01/2007 18:55

Finally popped at T+14 at 5 am today!

Little William Gilbert arrived in 4.5 hours from start to finish and weighed 6lb 15oz

Birth story is pretty straight forwards. I woke up in pain at 12.30 at night and quickly got in a pretty bad way as contractions went right into overdrive and although not that strong left no gaps so the pain never actually faded. Added to that I was throwing up everywhere. Tried the bath, birthing ball etc and then worried dp slightly by ending up naked on the living room floor on my side. Well I thought I was more comfortabl there! MW arrived around 1.30 and on inspection I was already 7cm. She mentioned something about getting me on all fours as I was getting it all in my back but I flopped over onto my side again (bed this time) and was quite happy there. By this point I was getting pushing urges and contraction had strengthened but spaced out a bit so I was much more comfortable and actually more able to contemplate being able to manage it! Plus I got given gas and air. Fab stuff is all I can say! Only had it for about an hour though then the MW grabbed it off me and coaxed me into sitting up to push and by 5am I had my baby! Can't argue with that!

And the best part about having him at home, an hour later after a nice shower dp and I were under the duvet in our own bed gazing at this wonderful baby snuggled on the bed between us.

OP posts:
alipiggie · 11/01/2007 18:57

Congratulations and welcome to the world William Gilbert. Glad all went well and you had a fabulous home delivery.

lulumama · 11/01/2007 18:59

delighted...what a marvellous arrival....wonderful ! very well done and congratulations to you and DP on the safe arrival of william gilbert x

Hulababy · 11/01/2007 19:01


Saturn74 · 11/01/2007 19:01

Sounds wonderful!

filthymindedvixen · 11/01/2007 19:03

Indith - I am thrilled for you and very at your speedy home delivery. You clever, clever thing, you.
William Gilbert is a lovely name, many congratulations
x (tis Fullmoonfiend by the way) x

lapinrose · 11/01/2007 19:04

Sounds wonderful Indith, congratulations! Looking forward to meeting him (& you, of course!) in Vennels sometime

Skyler · 11/01/2007 19:05

Oh well done you. It sounds wonderful. Lol at the idea of you naked on your side in the living room, bet it made complete sense at the time

Debbsyandson · 11/01/2007 20:56

congratulations indith

twoplusone · 11/01/2007 21:00


MarsLady · 11/01/2007 21:03


Just what you'd want from a birth!

Tatties · 11/01/2007 21:07

Oh lovely. Congratulations

jeangenie · 11/01/2007 21:19


ShowOfHands · 12/01/2007 09:48


Welcome to the world little William Gilbert- such fantastic names. Sounds like you had a (relatively) calm, speedy and extremely straightforward delivery- everything a good homebirth should be. And that image of you curling up in bed afterwards as a family is lovely. And he's so tiny!

I will be chasing you around the board in a couple of months demanding more information about homebirths, but consider it duly noted that gas and air is a Very Good Thing.

I couldn't be more pleased for you.

Congratulations, well done and enjoy.

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