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indiemummy has an indiebaby!

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indiemummy · 11/12/2006 14:04

baby Ivy was born at 10.30am on Tues 5th December by planned caesarean section at Queen Charlottes Hospital in London. She weighed 7lb 6oz, all went pretty smoothly and we were home within 48 hrs. She is gorgeous and we couldn't be happier. She is our second child and wonderful in every way!

Love from very smug and proud indiemummy xxx

OP posts:
YuletidePaps · 11/12/2006 14:23

Congratulations indiemummy

HumphreyCushiONtheFirstNoel · 11/12/2006 14:25


CaptainDippyClausWithABump · 11/12/2006 20:25

Congratulations! Ivy is looovely name!!

pelvicfloorSNOWmore · 11/12/2006 20:26

Awwww congrats to you and welcome to baby Ivy

twoplusone · 11/12/2006 20:38

congratulations and a big welcome to baby ivy..

indiemummy · 11/12/2006 21:45

oh thanks everyone! there should be a picture of Ivy here if you're interested! x

OP posts:
pelvicfloorSNOWmore · 11/12/2006 21:49

oh how cute she looks like she should be in a xmas nativity iykwim?
Bless her she's lurvely

Gem13 · 11/12/2006 21:52

Congratulations - she is a poppet. Agree about the Nativity

mears · 11/12/2006 21:54

Congratulations inciemummy - she looks absolutely gorgeous. Very girly

mears · 11/12/2006 21:54

oops, indiemummy!

FrostyTheSnowMarsLady · 11/12/2006 21:59


NappiesGalooooooooooooria · 11/12/2006 22:01


enough to make even me broody... for a second at least!

YuletidePaps · 12/12/2006 06:44

She looks like a strong character with a wise soul - very peaceful wee lady and Ivy is a wonderful name

satinshoes · 12/12/2006 08:48

Yay! Congrats. Ivy is gorgeous

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