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Third time lucky????

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WedgiesMum · 15/05/2004 15:29

My bestest mate Claire had her third baby today, the first one that she's had with a spontaneous labour! And I am so choked with pride and emotion I had to tell the whole world

Her DD2 was born at 2:22 am this morning weighing an impressive 8lb 13oz (especially as Claire is a little squirt!) and they are calling her Melissa Rachel.

Claire doesn't have the internet at her house, so I have been treating all her worries by looking at Mumsnet for her, especially over the last week as she got more and more overdue!!

Well done Claire, I'm really proud of you!!

OP posts:
karen99 · 17/05/2004 15:45

Congrats to your friend Wedgiesmum.

jampot · 17/05/2004 15:47

Congratulations to Claire and family.

motherinferior · 17/05/2004 15:50

Hurrah to Claire and little Melissa (blissful name).

roisin · 17/05/2004 15:51

Congratulations Claire!

coppertop · 17/05/2004 15:56

Congratulations Claire!

fairydust · 17/05/2004 16:09

Congratulations Claire -

Hulababy · 17/05/2004 20:09

Well done Claire

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