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Kaybee's baby boy finally arrives

13 replies

Kaybee7777 · 03/12/2006 22:52

Zak Christopher finally arrived into the world kicking and screaming on Thursday 30th November at 19:39pm, weighing in at a healthy 8lb 13oz!!!
Mummy extrememly traumatised by birth

OP posts:
hester · 03/12/2006 22:55

Huge congratulations Kaybee, and welcome to the world little Zac.

So sorry to hear you had a rough time, Kaybee. Tell us about it when you feel it would help.

Big hugs and good luck for the next few weeks.

WeFrizyouamerrychristmas · 03/12/2006 22:58


Hattie05 · 03/12/2006 22:59

congrats! sorry u were traumatised

is zak your first?

hope hesettling in well

lulumama · 03/12/2006 23:03

many congratulations on the safe arrival of zak..(i am taylormama's sister, from the loughton thread! ) fab names and a good weight too !! very well done!!

if you need to talk about the should....

birth trauma association & birth crisis are both good places..can do links for you ,if you like.... or offload on good old mumsnet.x

take care and enjoy your little one...x

hester · 06/12/2006 20:58

How are you doing, Kaybee?

KaybeeandZak · 08/12/2006 17:17

I am okay thanks Hester. LO is a bit more of a challenge than I had anticipated, I was expecting sleepless nights etc, but he often cries for no obvious reason (he has been fed, winded, changed, cuddled) and gets really really worked up flailing his arms around and screaming. This can go on for hours on and off. I feel so upset that he is upset.......Have started him on infacol in case it's wind related, but am thinking of trying a cranial osteopath.

hulababy · 08/12/2006 17:18

Congratulations and welcome to Zah.

Sorry the birth didn't go so well though.

merrylissiemas · 08/12/2006 17:29

congratulations and welcome to baby zak!!!!!

KaybeeandZak · 08/12/2006 17:32

Better late than never - the story of the birth!

I was induced at 12.30pm on the Wednesday, and nothing happened until about 2am when I started getting strong-ish contractions. At this point, DH has gone as husbands/partners were only allowed to be there all night in the labour suite. So I spent all night pacing up and down the ward in pain, trying to get through the contractions, while the staff pretty much ignored me. At some point (maybe 6am) I spoke to the midwives and they said they?d bring gas and air, but after they dropped it off and I tried to use it, it wouldn?t work. When they finally bought a new gas canister (that one was empty) I started using it but it didn?t help, and it made me sick. DH was still at home. Eventually someone said he was allowed to come back in so I rang him and told him to hurry! They finally told me I was about 4-5cm so I was allowed to go to the labour suite. Because the gas and air made me sick, and they kept putting me on a monitor to monitor baby?s hearbeat, it made the pain unbearable so I asked for an epidural, which I didn?t get until I was 8cm, this was about 2pm I think. From then unitl 5pm I was okay, and they then decided I was 10cm and I could push. However, I couldn?t feel the contractions, and they had slowed down, so in the end he had to be helped out with ventouse and due to this I ended up with 3rd degree tears. So after they got him out, he had to go to the pediatrician table to be checked over, DH cut the cord, and then I got whisked off to theatre to have stitches!
So all in all, not a terribly positive experience, but I do love my baby heaps so worth it in the end

hester · 08/12/2006 22:56

Ouch, Kaybee, that sounds rough . I'm not surprised you're feeling traumatised. Are you beginning to feel a bit better about the experience, or still very shaken up? If you don't start feeling better soon do seek help - maybe some postnatal debriefing.

Really rough too that ds is crying so much. What a shame, for you and for him. Cranial osteopathy sounds like a good idea.

It's still early days and I promise, it WILL get better. Big hug to you and Zak.

indiemummy · 11/12/2006 13:58

Hi Kaybee,
Congratulations! Just wanted to say POOR YOU for the birth, sounds really similar to my first, which actually ended in emergency caesarean at 10cm dilated after the ventouse broke - though thankfully dp was with me all the time - I also couldn't get the gas & air to work, had epidural and couldn't push, etc. The good news is that 3 years on I feel OK about it and if / when you have more children, their births will be a piece of cake in comparison, as you will decide that this time you will take control. It's so difficult with your first baby because you trust the hospital staff when really you should have been shouting at them 'get my husband here NOW, get this gas & air to work NOW, help me manage this pain NOW' instead of waiting for them to help you. Anyway hope little Zak is OK and not crying too much now - make sure you're getting enough time to look after yourself (have a long bath etc). It's awful when they cry but they grow up so fast and go through so many stages that this crying phase will pass soon if it hasn't already. Let's meet up with the other London mums soon! I don't have your email address, mine is luciebright at hot mail dot com if you want to chat, I check it every couple of days! Love Indiemummy xxx

LadyAnne1stTimeMum · 13/12/2006 14:46

Congrats Kaybee

I'm still a little traumatised by my boy's birth on Monday - suffice to say - it sounds very similar.

Enjoy your baby.

Lots of hugs LA

satinshoes · 13/12/2006 15:49

Congratulations! Welcome Zak

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