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Bubble and Young Master Bubble are home from hospital.

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bubble99 · 29/10/2006 20:39

Firstly, thanks for all of the lovely messages. XX

Where to begin?

Our care, this time around, was exemplary. From the booking appointment onwards my faith in the NHS has been restored. I am well aware that my hospital notes, which told in detail of the awfulness of what happened last year, will have played a part. Nevertheless as an ex-NHS nurse myself I know that those who work within the service are, in the main, dedicated professionals doing a good job in often difficult conditions.

I was very nervous last Thursday morning. I chose to go back to the same hospital that Bo died in as I was working on the theory that 'lightning doesn't strike the same place twice.'

We were met by the consultant anaesthetist who would be giving me the spinal anaesthetic for the CS. He was the same anaesthetist who came to speak to us the morning after the total botch that was the twins delivery last year. It was one of his juniors who had tried and failed to site the epidural and had subsequently failed to intubate me, directly contributing to Bo's death.

He was extremely kind and sensitive and after he'd left a consultant obs appeared to tell me that she would be performing the CS.

Into theatre, the same one as last year which was scary, TBH.
The hospital policy is to ask partners to wait outside of the theatre until the spinal has been sited but Mr Bubble was allowed to be my side throughout the whole procedure. The spinal and CS were straightforward and DS4 was delivered, protesting LOUDLY at 09.53am.
My first thought was "is he alive?" But I quickly worked out that there could be nothing much wrong with a baby that made that much noise.

He's lovely, of course. He doesn't have a name yet. He just doesn't suit a lot of the names we'd thought of so we'll jst have to live with him for a few days until something 'fits.'

At the moment the boys are calling him 'Squeaky' because he really does squeak when roused. I'll keep you posted.....

Thanks again for all of your love and thoughts.

Bubble XXXX

OP posts:
SherlockLGJ · 29/10/2006 20:39
SherlockLGJ · 29/10/2006 20:40

Ok now I have the first post I will go and read.

Much love


hoxtonchick · 29/10/2006 20:40

oh bubble, i'm so happy for you. your post has made me all weepy. enjoy your lovely new boy. xxx

foxinsocks · 29/10/2006 20:40

so pleased to hear you are at home and all safe and well xxx

Blossomhowl · 29/10/2006 20:41

So pleased everything went well. Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful ds bubble. Love to you all xxx

Whizzz · 29/10/2006 20:41

Many congrats Bubble to you & the Bubble family

intergalacticwerewolf · 29/10/2006 20:42

Bubble, congratulations. I bet he's really scrummy.

Glad you are both home safe and well x

Gillian76 · 29/10/2006 20:43

Well done Bubble and Squeak!

misdee · 29/10/2006 20:43

welcome to bubbly squeak. so so pleased it went well for you.

jessicaandrebeccasmummy · 29/10/2006 20:43

Congratulations sweetie.

Welcome to DS4!!!

ambercat · 29/10/2006 20:43


Marina · 29/10/2006 20:43

Am teary at the thought of you seeing some of the same faces as last time, and being in the same theatre. That is double-edged IME.
But soooo happy to hear you and Squeaky are sprung already and got the best of care while in hospital. XXX

Pixiefish · 29/10/2006 20:44

Congratulations to you all xx

SherlockLGJ · 29/10/2006 20:45

Oh Sweetheart

How lovely to hear from you, and how very brave of you to go back to the same hospital, (even though I was in the lightning camp)

You do not need to worry about a name, he is known as TBC.

So with a Footle and a TBC, we just need names for your other darling boys.

I know it must have been so very hard for you all, but you can rest assured that there was an awful lot of fretting done via MSN and text on your behalf.

Thinking of you all, and remembering Bo.

Much love


TheDaVinciCod · 29/10/2006 20:45

lol at bubble an d squeak

RTKangaMummy · 29/10/2006 20:45

Deffo brill news

Welcome Squeaky

tribpot · 29/10/2006 20:45

How sweet - and how brave of you, bubble, to go through it in the same theatre as last year Welcome Squeaky!

IdrisTheDragon · 29/10/2006 20:47

Welcome to Squeaky .

sallystrawberry · 29/10/2006 20:47

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

moaningpaper · 29/10/2006 20:50

Hello Squeaky

SherlockLGJ · 29/10/2006 20:50

Mars was here overnight last night.

Mr LGJ went to do the weekly shop yesterday afternoon, I rang him and asked him to buy Champagne, was just about to explain when he said, Bubbles for Bubbles baby.

So truly a MN baby.

PrettyCandles · 29/10/2006 20:53

Well done, Bubble .

So glad to hear that things went gently for you.

Welcome to your little Squeaky. My LOs also have their own name for ds2 - they call him Bean. Isn't it lovely when our children find their own affectionate way of welcoming their new brother.

Surfermummystomb · 29/10/2006 20:54

Bubble and Squeak. Perfect!

Congratulations to you all.

Lua · 29/10/2006 20:59

All the best for you all!
So happy for you that things went well!
Squeaky is very lucky to have such a brave mum and loving family!

BudaBeast · 29/10/2006 21:03

LOL at Bubble and Squeak!!!!

Fantastic news - many many congratulations to you all.

Can't imagine how scary it must have been in same location with same faces. But hopefully you now have some happy memories of the hosp to help dull your sad ones.

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