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nicand2 -biggest October baby so far anyone like to go larger?

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nicand2 · 25/10/2006 19:56

After a very spicy aubergine curry, I finally started to get a couple of strong contractions at 5am on Sunday morning. The contractions instantly started coming harder and faster so I woke DH up and told him to get parents over to babysit. By 6am I was at the hospital with very strong contractions which I was managing with the tens machine, already 3cm dilated asked for an epidural which mw told me I could have when I was 4cm. After much faffing about by mw and hosptal staff I got to 9cm by 8am and surprise surprise it was too late for the epidural. I had a little cry as I new it was a fairly big baby and I only had the tens machine! My mw assured me that the hard part was almost over and second babies didn't take much pushing out. I knew after a few pushes that nothing was happening and I was in trouble. After 30 mins of very hard pushing and extreme contractions one on top of the other the mw left to get the doctor. As soon as he saw me he said the baby was back to back and I needed an epidural asap. There was however a consultant who was arguing that I should push for another 30 mins to get the baby to turn. By this time I begged the dr to help me. He agreed and I was rushed to theatre for an epidural and ventouse.

Unfortunately it took another half hour to get the epiduaral in by which time I thought I was dying!! With the ventouse machine turned up to full pelt and nothing happening the dr quickly decided to do c section as myself and baby were distressed.

Toby James was fianlly born at 10.43 am with his cord tightly round his neck and weighing in at 10lb 11oz. The dr assured me there was no way I would have been able to push him out and the mw said he looked like he was ready to go to school.

Well we are both home now and doing very well but I'm still a bit shell shocked and surprised at how immobile I am still. All worth it though!!

OP posts:
catgirl · 25/10/2006 20:17

congrats again, and I am in shock at 10lb 11oz, so no idea what you are feeling! welcome Toby James.

Gingeme · 25/10/2006 21:38

My goodness well done you. A very brave lady you are. Congratulations to you all xx

Chloe55stakesinavampiresheart · 25/10/2006 22:27

LOL at ready to go to school. Congrats

whitestar · 25/10/2006 23:14

Well done on your big straping boy!

Wishing you a quick recovery, and I'll never moan at 8lb 5oz last attempt again!

PrettyCandles · 25/10/2006 23:18

Wow - what an experience. Well done you! Many congratulations .

I've also been getting comments about ds2 starting school next term - he was born one week before your ds, and weighed 11lb exactly.

hana · 25/10/2006 23:18

ready to go to school
you have to tell him that when he's older!
congrats, hope you're recovering well

and welcome to little Toby!

mamado · 26/10/2006 09:55

Huge congratulations
Sorry you both had a traumatic experience but at least you are both safe and sound in the end.
Hope you recover fast and enjoy your beautiful little boy

CaptainDippy · 26/10/2006 11:00

WELL DONE YOU!! Congratulations and Welcome to BIG baby Toby - Try to take it as easy as poss and get everyone else to run round after you honey!

Gem13 · 26/10/2006 15:14

Congratulations and welcome to Toby James

What a big chap!

Sounds like an excellent call for the c-section. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

mears · 27/10/2006 18:36

Congratulations nicand2. Hope you are feeling abit more mobile now. Welcome to Toby

Swizzler · 27/10/2006 20:30

Congratulations again and best wishes for a speedy recovery. Welcome Toby

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