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Sprig of Fennel

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Fennel · 22/04/2004 09:34

dd3 has arrived!

Calista Emily (or maybe Calista Phoebe) 8lb 2 oz born at home early this morning as planned, even if 10 days late.

textbook home birth, outwardly. gentle contractions at about 7pm last night, getting strong and painful from about 9pm, called the midwife, put the TENS on, midwive arrived at 10pm and we were 5cm dilated, got the entonox out. I had no idea whether we were getting anywhere with the contractions or labour (having had slow labours the first two times with failure to progress etc). 2pm waters broke, led straight to a 20 minute second stage. midwife trying to get me to lie down for examination, am embarrassed to say I kicked her and the baby dropped out! no stitches or tearing.

however have to say I hated every minute of the labour it was hard and painful and I spent most of it feeling out of control, sick, shivering and scared. 2nd stage very painful, in my head I was just thinking, What the f* did I ever have against epidurals!?

am SOOOO glad to have it over and the best thing today is that I NEVER EVER EVER will go through any sort of childbirth again!

but dd3 is gorgeous and lovely.

OP posts:
emmatmg · 22/04/2004 09:39

Wow.....there's dedication for you.....hours after giving birth and already on here.....I like it!

Congratulation and welcome to little calista. Lovely name

P.S My Ds3's homebirth had be thinking the same thing about epidurals, I felt like a right loon having choosen to do it at home with no pain relief. Feel very proud now though.

motherinferior · 22/04/2004 09:41

Home birth, last birth, lovely baby - oh Fennel, that's such lovely news.

Best of luck to the next few days with your beautifully named dd3. AND how nice to have three girls!

Jaybee · 22/04/2004 09:42

Congratulations again - I sometimes think that 'quick' births are such a shock that they are not always better. Well done you though for coping so well. Love the name (both options).

hewlettsdaughter · 22/04/2004 09:48

Fennel, that's great news - really pleased you got the homebirth you wanted (finally!)

Tinker · 22/04/2004 09:50

Congratulations - lovely name

bundle · 22/04/2004 10:01

very well done, and welcome little calista

hoxtonchick · 22/04/2004 10:05


SpringChicken · 22/04/2004 10:07

Wonderful news Fennel Welcome to Calista

Marina · 22/04/2004 10:16

Tut, kicked the midwife, eh? Many congratulations Fennel and a big Mumsnet welcome to little Calista

wobblyknicks · 22/04/2004 10:17

Great news!! Sorry it was so painful but its all over!!!! Well done

papillon · 22/04/2004 10:24

Congratulations from another home birth devotee.
I am impressed with the kick technique for delivering Calista - a new move

All the best

WSM · 22/04/2004 10:24

Wonderful stuff, well done you

suedonim · 22/04/2004 10:33


Lesley76 · 22/04/2004 10:55

Well done Fennel, you are a star!!! Big hugs and congratulations to you, DP and the girls and welcome Calista!

Its amazing what some women will do to avoid a sweep.............

bunny2 · 22/04/2004 11:10

Congratulations!!! I am really pleased for you and very impressed you had a home birth. Speedy recovery to you. xx

mears · 22/04/2004 11:52

Well congratulations Fennel - you did it yourself Even though it was painful I bet it was lovely to get into your own bath and your own bed. No trailind along to the hospital for everyone. Bet the other DDs are thrilled. You should be so proud of yourself. Lovely names

ponygirl · 22/04/2004 12:05

Congratulations, Fennel. Well done. And welcome to your new dd too!

handlemecarefully · 22/04/2004 12:10

That's brilliant news Fennel...and even better news that you wont have to endure pregnancy and childbirth again and your 'work is done' eh?

spots · 22/04/2004 12:56

excellent excellent, well done Fennel, congratulations to whole family (fine sized family now!)

bossykate · 22/04/2004 13:07


fisil · 22/04/2004 13:24


aloha · 22/04/2004 13:27

Congratulations! I'm sure your lovely dd is worth it all

pamina3 · 22/04/2004 13:42

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

princesspeahead · 22/04/2004 13:49

oh well done fennel, many congratulations. and isn't it lovely to be in your own bed with your other dds around you? and not in yucky noisy old MRSA-ridden ward?!! enjoy xx

Egypt · 22/04/2004 14:32

Congratulations Fennel

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