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Help needed!

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LeilaB · 12/10/2006 16:36

I wonder if anyone can help????
My name is Leila and as well as working at Great Ormond Street Hospital I am beginning my child psychotherapy training at the Tavistock Clinic. A requirement of this NHS training course is to observe a baby and mother (or father) for 1 hour per week for 2 years. The purpose is to observe the development of the baby and to train me in observation skills.

It is important that I observe a very new-born baby, which means that I am looking for a baby due in October or November and living in North London...
As you can imagine it has been difficult finding people...
If anyone can help at all or has any tips please let me know.
Thank you

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xena · 12/10/2006 19:29

Hi have you tried the antenatal threads for those months?

marthahm · 12/10/2006 20:44

hi leila
you could try contacting the osteopathic centre for children which is just by islington. i work there when not on maternity leave. we have lots of pregnant women and new mothers coming through our doors. you could try explaining what you need and ask if you can put a notice up. we've had patients that we've referred to the tavistock centre and had a fantastic outcome so i think they would be pro helping you out.
i am about to have my baby if that's any good, but i live in north kensington (w10)so not really north london.

LeilaB · 13/10/2006 12:28

Thank you very much! That's really helpful. I'll go down there as soon as I can. Have a late shift tonight so may have to be next week.
Such a shame you're in north ken, that is rather far for me.
Good luck with the birth!

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