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He's arrived

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3kids · 07/10/2006 16:26

Don't post often but thought i'd announce ds3 arrival. His name is Buddy Lance and weighed in at 8lbs 9ozs was born last saturday 30th sept, we arrived at the hospital at 7.45am and he was born at 9.00am just g&a.

OP posts:
Pinkchampagne · 07/10/2006 16:30


Whoowhoobewhooooooh · 07/10/2006 16:33


Sounds like a great birth.

JackieNoHeadJustABloodyStump · 07/10/2006 16:33

Congratulations, 3kids .

WriggleyWitchesJiggle · 07/10/2006 19:24

Congratulations, and what good timing!

lipsbite · 14/10/2006 16:05

big congrats and well done ]grin]

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