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dreamy dowlers dream daughter is here

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dreamydowler · 15/09/2006 20:54

Hi all our beautiful baby sophie jane finally arrived on 13th september. she was 13 days overdue and weighed 8lb 10oz. I was induced at 10 15 wednesday morning with gel had my first contraction at 12 15. At 1 30pm they were coming every ten minutes and the midwife went to get my antibiotic drip to set up. By 2 00 pm when she set my drip up they were every three minutes . I begged to be examined at 2 30pm and was told I was 6cm dilated and needed to be moved into the delivery room. My waters broke as they tried to get me to move from one bed to the other at 2 45pm and she was born at 3 02 pm. She is an absolute dream and has breast fed every four hours in the day and six hours at night since she was born. She is a very calm baby and doesnt seem to cry much at all. We came home from hospital today and apart from afterpains we are both really well.

OP posts:
anniediv · 15/09/2006 20:56

How lovely, congratulations

sarahlou1uk · 15/09/2006 20:57

Fantastic news Dreamy. Congratulations on the birth of Sophie Jane (lovely name by the way!). Come and join us on August post natal when you've got a minute!

mears · 15/09/2006 21:00

congratulations and welcome to sophie jane

calvemjoe · 15/09/2006 21:00

Congrats Dreamy, I'm glad she arrived safely at last

puppy · 15/09/2006 21:10

Congratulations dreamy

CristinaTheAstonishing · 15/09/2006 21:15

Congratulations. Your little Sophie sounds like a beautiful dream!

lucy5 · 15/09/2006 21:17


Gem13 · 15/09/2006 21:18

Congratulations and welcome to Sophie Jane

(I was born on 13 September and was 8'10 too!)

olivo · 15/09/2006 21:26

congratulations dreamy! look forward to chatting again soon

PinkTulips · 15/09/2006 23:48

congrats dreamy..... at least the labour was nice and quick after all that waiting!

welcome to the world sophie jane

micromum · 17/09/2006 18:41

Dreamy congratulations, I'm so glad everything went well for you, sorry i haven't posted sooner, time is flying by at the moment.
See you on postnatal.

dreamydowler · 19/09/2006 11:12

thanks everyone for all your well wishes Sophie jane and I are doing really well she really is a little angel

OP posts:
tassis · 20/09/2006 14:20

Lovely to read the details dreamy and congratulations on the birth of Sophie Jane.

SoupDragon · 20/09/2006 14:29


PeachyClairHasBadHair · 20/09/2006 14:56

Congrtulations dreamy and family

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