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Has Davina had baby no.3 yet?

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Butterflys · 14/09/2006 16:35

Surely she is due now!!?????

OP posts:
shhhh · 14/09/2006 21:49

Apparently she is still with bump..! I saw a picture of her recently in the paper, she looked huge (in a lovely pregnant way)and like she was ready to drop..Apparently she is days off...

mummy23 · 15/09/2006 10:12

They announced it on entertainment today she had a little boy (well not so little weighed 10lb something)
Congrats Davina (and i think she called him Chester)

Aero · 15/09/2006 10:17

A boy - Chester, 10lbs+! Ouch!!

katyjo · 15/09/2006 10:22

Congratulations Davina!

shhhh · 15/09/2006 10:55

Yeah 10lb 2oz..!! Welldone to Davina..another homebirth with no complications..!

Wishing her all the best

Fimbo · 15/09/2006 13:15


TV presenter Davina McCall has given birth to a baby boy called Chester, it has been revealed.

He weighed in at a whopping 10lb 2oz.

Big Brother star McCall, 38, gave birth at her Surrey home on Thursday morning with husband Matthew Robertson by her side.

Chester is a brother for Holly, four, and Tilly, two.

A spokeswoman for the star said: "Davina had a natural home birth just as she did with Holly and Tilly.

"There were no complications and everything went smoothly. Mother and baby are doing well and all the family are delighted."

3catstoo · 15/09/2006 16:09

Wow. A celeb that didn't opt for the planned C section. 10 lbs makes my eyes water. 7 lbs 6 was my biggest and that made me scream!

Good for her and well done.
Nice names too. Holly, Tilly and Chester.

Xavielli · 15/09/2006 18:28

Great! I'm really glad she had a boy!

DollyP · 15/09/2006 19:36

Well done Davina! What lovely news! She has talked about retraining as a MW if the TV career starts to falter as she loves giving birth so much (wonder if she still loves it after the 10lb-er though )!

shhhh · 15/09/2006 20:13

I wondered today if she would have any more..apparently straight after the birth of her last daughter had her & dh discussing another baby..!

collision · 15/09/2006 22:23

what a stupid name

pupuce · 15/09/2006 22:25

"what a stupid name" - well that's nice!!!!!

UrsulatheSeaWitch · 15/09/2006 22:25

Don't hold back, collision

sleepysooz · 15/09/2006 23:23

lucky thing being able to have home births with no problems, some women are just natural at that!

mine were all intervened and problamatic, but hey, you don't get a medal and you've forgotten about all the fuss when you just look at your beautiful baby!

It must have hurt! mine were all under 6lbs and they killed enough the twins were 5.3 and that killed too, just to think Davina gave birth to a baby double the size of mine! Wow perhaps she does need a medal!

Anybody had a baby heavier than 10lbs?

3catstoo · 15/09/2006 23:27

A good friend had a baby weighing 10 lbs 14 ozs !
She had a really long labour and ended up with a c section. She still went on to have 2 more though. Both lighter than their brother. 4 c sections have taken their toll on her though.

QueenEagle · 15/09/2006 23:29

I used to have a dog called Chester.

Ouch - my biggest was 9lb 14oz so know how she feels!

UrsulatheSeaWitch · 15/09/2006 23:35

When I had DD1 (a tiny 5.11 ) there was a woman in the hosp who had twins of 10lb each.

[eyes watering]

shhhh · 16/09/2006 15:12

10lb..each...EACH... EACH...................!!

MaloryTowersTheOriginal · 16/09/2006 15:13

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

UrsulatheSeaWitch · 16/09/2006 18:34

I know

The second one probably fell out.

AnelaSunshine · 16/09/2006 19:35

Is Davina not a MNer?!

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