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Mandaz bump has arrived in a hurry!

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mandaz · 10/09/2006 13:29

As the sept post ladies know, I'd gone in to hospital on Wednesday after having a small bleed to be told that it was just a show and that things were moving along nicely but it could still be weeks before labour started. In the early hours of Friday morning (6ish) I was aware of feeling like I needed the loo alot. By 7am I found that the only place I could sit was on the loo and I had a huge urge to push which happened again 15 minutes later. At this point I decided to ring the delivery suite. The mw said I should go in as I sounded 'a bit distressed!' I arrived at 8.30 am, was told I'd be hooked up to a moniter for 20 minutes but as I tried to get on the bed had an almighty contraction. The mw examined me and said that the cervix had completely gone, there was no time for pain relief other than gas and air (which did nothing for me) and that if I got the urge to push to go with it. It all got very frantic as the babys heartrate suddenley dropped and my bp went very high. I was told to roll onto my side, gave 2 big pushes and my baby girl Georgia Rose, arrived in the world at 09:05 weighing exactly 7lb and perfect in every way. I on the other hand had 2nd degree tears due to the speed of the birth and used more gas and air for the many stitches afterwards than I did for the birth! I spent one night on the ward and we are now at home, getting to know each other and being spoilt by grandparents! For those ladies still waiting for labour to start, all I can say is forget curry, I had a chilli con carne the night before and I reckon it did the trick

OP posts:
PinkTulips · 10/09/2006 13:44

congrats mandaz..... what a lovely quick labour

dreamydowler · 10/09/2006 14:31

congratulations and well done for coping with such a scary speedy delivery. Hope you recover from your stitches quickly

zippy539 · 10/09/2006 14:32

Congratulations and welcome to Georgia Rose.

lucy5 · 10/09/2006 14:38


belgo · 10/09/2006 14:40

Congratulations, and what a beautiful name.

tassis · 10/09/2006 16:07

Fantastic mandaz! Great to get the details. Can't believe how quick it happened. Hope the stitches heal quickly and that you're having a blissful time getting to know Georgia.

liquidclocks · 10/09/2006 16:16

Well done Mandaz! Can't wait to see piccies! Off to buy kidney beans and mince now...

compo · 10/09/2006 17:49

Congratulations - love the name Hope the stitches aren't too sore xxx

redz · 10/09/2006 17:52

Congratulations!! beautiful name sounds like a little superstar!

PeachyClairHasBadHair · 10/09/2006 18:07

Gorgeous name, congrats you and hope the tear heals soon (ow)

puppy · 11/09/2006 23:01

Congratulations and well done Mandaz

mandaz · 17/09/2006 16:05

Thanks for the messages. Georgia is absolutely amazing, a very good baby whos feeding well and sleeps the majority of the night. Can someone tell me how I can add a photo to this post?

OP posts:
prettymum · 17/09/2006 16:07


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