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Neo names and milk rash/baby acne....A CURE!!!

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AngryBeaver · 27/05/2014 21:04

I'm so excited I have to share.
I've just had my 4th baby and she broke out in the dreaded baby acne.
All my children have had it, some worse than others. But I've always hated it and searched for a "cure" on the net.

Well, I think I may have found one!

It was on a USA forum and the mother recommended rubbing breast milk into the spots.

After about an hour, the redness had reduced, the next day there was a visible improvement (midwife was shocked!) and today, they are virtually gone!

My mum meets her tomorrow for the first time (we emigrated) and I'm chuffed she won't be all spotty :)

Just thought if share Grin

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AngryBeaver · 27/05/2014 21:04


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