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New Arrival for Tillysmummy

45 replies

Tillysmummy · 15/03/2004 15:10

Hi all,

Charles Oscar Mitchell arrived on Tuesday
9th March at 5.09am weighing 6lbs 12 oz. We are all doing well. He is very
cute and well behaved so far. I'll be eating my words soon no doubt !! I had
a nightmare labour. Having had all the consultants and docs telling me to go
straight to the hospital at the smallest sign because they were afraid he
might drop out because of the speed of my labour with Tilly, this was a
completely different experience !! 25 hours of labour. 23 with gas and air
and then 2 failed epidurals, heart monitor on his head and finally an
emergency caesarean !! He had the cord wrapped around his body and neck. The
reason for the length and pain of the labour (so much worse than Tilly) was
because he was back to back.
We are all very well though and I am recovering well from the op. Main thing
is that all is well. As some of you may know there was a problem with one of
Charlie's lungs. He has a small cyst on it. But luckily he had no problems
breathing at birth and is doing really well now so fingers crossed. Will write more later.

OP posts:
Galaxy · 15/03/2004 15:13

message withdrawn

Twinkie · 15/03/2004 15:17

Oooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh what a beautiful name - congrats to you, tilly and DH. XXX

Toots · 15/03/2004 15:23

Poor you. What a marathon. Congratulations!!!!!

Hulababy · 15/03/2004 15:27

Congratulations and welcome to Charles

dinosaur · 15/03/2004 15:38

Congratulations! Sorry you had such an ordeal. Lovely names.

suedonim · 15/03/2004 15:39


motherinferior · 15/03/2004 15:39

I'm so glad you're feeling better! MIxxxxxx

SpringChicken · 15/03/2004 15:42

Many congratulations TM

It's always lovely to hear people's birth stories but it is so much nicer when it feels like someone you know!

I remember when we all used to sit on the TTC boards - cannot believe the time has come around already

I hope everything stays as wonderful with Charles as it is now - i'm sure it will
SC x

Janstar · 15/03/2004 15:44

Big congratulations and hope you both feel better soon

Demented · 15/03/2004 15:45

Congratulations Tillysmummy!

Sounds like you have had quite a time of it, hope you are all recovering well.

Angeliz · 15/03/2004 15:56

Congratulations and FANTASTIC name++++++++

Quackers · 15/03/2004 16:10

TM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DELIGHTED FOR YOU!!!
Glad all is well!!!!! Sorry to hear about your ordeal of a birth, but so happy to hear he's arrived safe and well!!!!!!!!!

Take care chuck!!!!!!!


princesspeahead · 15/03/2004 16:42

Many congratulations! I have a Charles... what an excellent choice! Sorry you had such a bad time of the birth, I hope you get lots of rest and time to recover and enjoy the boy.

CountessDracula · 15/03/2004 16:44

Congratulations! Sounds like quite an ordeal you poor thing Hope things continue to improve with Charlie's lung xxq

mammya · 15/03/2004 16:55

Well done Tillysmummy, sounds like quite an ordeal. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

WideWebWitch · 15/03/2004 17:02

Congratulations tillysmummy and glad to hear he's doing well.

SoupDragon · 15/03/2004 17:14


hewlettsdaughter · 15/03/2004 17:35

Well done Tillysmummy! Sorry to hear the labour was a nightmare but glad to hear all is well.

bossykate · 15/03/2004 17:42


Thomcat · 15/03/2004 17:51

Congratulations, that's lovely.
Welcome to the world Charlie (great name btw)

leander · 15/03/2004 17:58

congratulations and welcome baby Charles,love to you all.

sibble · 15/03/2004 18:16

Congratulations and best wishes for you and your newly extended family

newbymum · 15/03/2004 18:29

CONGRATULATIONS glad to hear every ones keeping well and of course love to little CHARLES OSCAR what a nice strong boys name CONGRATULATIONS!!!

jessi · 15/03/2004 18:29

Congratulations to you,and welcome to your little boy. You should be really proud of yourself, that was some labour! enjoy your little lad,lovely name too. Best wishes.

bluestar · 16/03/2004 08:46


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