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Eeny and Sal have their boy!!!

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Salamander · 09/08/2006 23:36

Alexander Duane popped into the world 8/8/06 at 3:12am weighing in at 6lb 6oz (4 wks early)

He's an absolute beauty and I will stick a pic of him somewhere on here!!!!!!

Mummy and baby both doing well - hopefully coming home from hospital tomorrow.


All the best,

Proud Daddy Salamander

OP posts:
HRHQueenOfQuotes · 09/08/2006 23:36

awww Congratulations

TambaTheDragonSlayer · 09/08/2006 23:37


WigWamBam · 09/08/2006 23:37

Oh, congratulations!

Lio · 09/08/2006 23:39

Congrats - am trying not to be jealous about him coming early, am overdue 4 days and getting tetchy, but good to know someone somewhere is managing to have a baby!

burstingbug · 09/08/2006 23:42

Congratulations to you both and welcome little Alex.

nuckingfutjob · 09/08/2006 23:43

Oh, congratulations!

lanismum · 09/08/2006 23:43


SaintGeorge · 09/08/2006 23:46


Excellent choice of name. Not that I'm biased by having an Alexander of my own of course.

Member Profiles for pic.

Salamander · 09/08/2006 23:50

thanks everyone
hope all those who are expecting get their wishes VERY SOON!!!!

OP posts:
kipper22 · 11/08/2006 15:54

congratulations - hope alexander's arrival hasn't hampered the viewing of bb too much!

PrettyCandles · 11/08/2006 15:59

Hooray! Congrats, and welcome to little Alexander.

CodGuevara · 11/08/2006 16:00

who ARE eenyand sal?

MercyTung · 11/08/2006 16:06

Sal is Salamander, I assume eeny is his dp. See mmember profiles for a picture of a brand new gorgeous baby boy.

Congratulations btw!

sarahlou1uk · 11/08/2006 18:20

Huge congratulations to you and Eeny!!! Please pass on our love to her and baby Alexander

hulababy · 11/08/2006 18:25

Congratulations! Welcome to Alexander

Wilbur · 11/08/2006 18:39

Congrats to you all and welcome to Alexander. My ds2 was born 8/8 last year and now he's sooo big - can't believe how fast a year has gone. That will be you guys this time next year!

mears · 11/08/2006 23:52

Congratulations to you both. Hope all is going well

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