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zachary donald bumpiemalumpie made an early appearance in blue light fashion!!

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Bumpiemalumpie · 25/01/2014 21:36

Zachary was born this morning following 30hour labour back to back starting at the mlu followed by the blue lighted taxi!! followed by a setocin drink bringing on deselarations with zachary leading to an emcs at my request!!

all the best made plans!! Thanks to all who advised, supported and chatted with me throughout my anxiety provoking pregnancy!!

OP posts:
Mogz · 26/01/2014 04:55

Wowed, that's one heck of an entrance. Congrats to you on the birth of your son, hope you and he are doing alright.

fhdl34 · 26/01/2014 04:57

Congratulations, take it easy with your recovery and enjoy your lovely newborn snuggles.

SecretWitch · 26/01/2014 05:28

Awww,bless! What an exciting entrance! Now you can relax and enjoy your little man...xx

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