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HellKat's Kitten & her impatient arrival :0)

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HellKat · 28/07/2006 15:13

As a few of you know, I'd previously been admitted at 27wks with suspected pre-term labour & sent home. Well 2.40am Monday 24th July my waters went. Got to the hospital & was told I was only 2cms but because I was 32+4 wks I'd be staying in. Anyhoo, started contracting at 4.15am & basically carried on until she was born. Around 3pm Tuesday 25th I went to the loo & felt pressure & pain down below & in my womb. I could'nt move & panicked that something was wrong. Pulled the emergency cord & was rushed to delivery. The dr's, mw's etc were all panicking because I was'nt contracting just getting this horrendous non-stop searing pain through my womb & kept screaming "Something's wrong" (not a good thing to do as it freaked everyone out). Got given pethidine & it eased. Was told nope, not labour you can go back to the ward to which I replied "Bet I have this baby within the next few hours". At 7pm I was still 2cms, at 7.30pm I was 9-10!! Unfortunately she kept turning so I had no urge to push, just horrendously strong contractions. Pethidine had worn off & was'nt allowed any gas & air as I had to push. Nearly 2hrs later, solid pushing all the way, our beautiful baby girl was born at 9.19pm. It truly was an amazing text book moment. As she was delivered the pain ebbed away. She weighed 3lbs 12ozs & is doing brilliantly in scbu (even managing to suckle on me )
After a long time trying, heartache along the way, we finally got to meet our little angel Katie.
Thanks to everyone for all of the wonderful support on here.

OP posts:
compo · 28/07/2006 15:15

brilliant news Love the name xxx

mia84 · 28/07/2006 15:34

Congratulations! A very pretty name!

groggymama · 28/07/2006 15:51

Congratulations Hellkat! Sounds like she's doing great!

(i've had 2 in SCBU too)

MarsLady · 28/07/2006 15:53

Congratulations! So happy for you.

fairyjay · 28/07/2006 15:53

Congratulations and welcome to the world Katie!

Lemmingswife · 28/07/2006 16:18


wools · 28/07/2006 17:15

Hellkat - Congratulations!!! Can't wait to see a piccie of little Katie. She's a great weight and seems to be doing really well suckling. I'm so pleased for you.

kid · 28/07/2006 17:17

Congratulations, hope she is out of SCBU and with you soon. Lovely name, same as my DD

Miaou · 28/07/2006 17:33

Oh Hellkat, what a time you have had! You sound so made up though. Congratulations on little Katie, hope she is home soon. I will be looking out for a picture

Wisp · 28/07/2006 18:12

Wow !! Congratulations, I had my ds2 at 34 weeks, it must have been a lovely suprise!

CADS · 28/07/2006 18:18

Congratulations, Hellkat and welcome to little Katie.

Don't know if you remember me from the Due Nov05 thread. I wish lots and lots of love & happiness with your lo.

Your birth story has me in tears.

DollyP · 28/07/2006 19:30

So glad everyone is doing OK. Congratulations!

jamiesam · 28/07/2006 21:10

Oh, what a lovely (and scary) story. Well done both of you. Big congratulations.

coppertop · 28/07/2006 21:14

Congratulations HellKat.

Lysettes · 28/07/2006 22:44

Congratulations HK, what an amazing and yes, scary story.

Katie sounds like she is doing really well suckling, and I am sure she will come on really wuickly and you will have her home before you know it.


ps - will mail you separately, thanks for the e address xxx

Beauregard · 28/07/2006 22:47


wilbur · 28/07/2006 22:49

Congrats and well done hellkat and welcome to Katie!!

Angeliz · 28/07/2006 23:09

HellKat, huge congratulations to you and your family

I love the name Katie and you sound so loved up. We missed you on our thread and this is fab news++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

pepperpots · 29/07/2006 00:33

you done it huh i'm so proud of you and i want to see pics xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

HellKat · 29/07/2006 06:46

Thanks so much all!

Cads- Wow hun!!! Course I remember you. How are you? xxxxxx

Will try to pop a piccy on here (if I can manage it lol)

OP posts:
Rodeo · 29/07/2006 12:39

OMG - I totally missed this!!
So glad you have your little girl, give her a kiss from us Katie is a lovely name too

Bella23 · 29/07/2006 12:56

WOW Congrats - lovely news and well done on all the hard work xx

mygirllolipop · 29/07/2006 20:28

Message withdrawn

SpaceCadet · 29/07/2006 20:39

congrats! she was obviously in a hurry to come into the world.
keep us informed on her progress

HellKat · 30/07/2006 07:18

Very proud mum here today!!!! Found out yesterday, our little angel is progressing that quickly that she'll be moved from the incubator into a cot today & may well be drinking from a bottle by the time I get there today. She already has my milk through the feeding tube & has had a few good goes on my breast. Once she's feeding 100% orally that means hometime!!!!! Could be as early as another week or so.

OP posts:
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