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Little Mr Chatee has arrived

22 replies

chatee · 29/02/2004 16:58

our baby son was born at 02.26 on 26.02.04 after a difficult labour it was an emergency c-sec but i had a spinal and it was such a positive experience(i know realise what a nightmare it was with dd)babe has passed(so far)all development checks done by the paeds and has no obvious congenital abnormalities(dd has cp diplegia and dislocated hip)AND he's managing to breast feed too...
many thanks to everyone on mumsnet for all threads that have helped me over the last 9 months and i'm sure the threads to come that will continue to give me support...
i am debating a thread
"the most embarrasing place that your waters have broke??....."
but that's another story!!

OP posts:
mummytojames · 29/02/2004 17:22

congratulations chat im glad that everything was ok

Mummysurfer · 29/02/2004 17:23

congratulations to you all.
Has he got a name yet?

sibble · 29/02/2004 18:18

Congratulations, wishing you all the best

Angeliz · 29/02/2004 19:00


Oh do tell your other story!!

colette · 29/02/2004 19:03


mears · 29/02/2004 19:04

Congratulations Chatee. Looking forward to your oher thread

fisil · 29/02/2004 19:05


fisil · 29/02/2004 19:05

oops, pregnant spelling!

eyelash · 01/03/2004 07:52

Chatee - so pleased it wss so positive and welcome to your little man.

SpringChicken · 01/03/2004 08:41

Congratulations Chatee

Glad everything went OK - looking forward to seeing the new thread

Hulababy · 01/03/2004 08:42

Congratulations and welcome to your little boy!

Marina · 01/03/2004 08:59

Congratulations chatee and welcome to young Mr Chatee! Come on, you've GOT to tell us where your waters broke now...talking to the vicar? Showing prospective buyers round your home?

Quackers · 01/03/2004 09:08

Delighted for you Chatee!!!!! Well done, look forward to your story about the waters!

morocco · 01/03/2004 16:43

fab news chatee - many congratulations on the arrival of your little man -can'twait for all the details but hope not to be able to add any details to your new thread on waters breaking!!!

motherinferior · 01/03/2004 20:03

Well done xxxxxxxxxxx

leander · 02/03/2004 10:59

congratulations Chatee, well done, I can't wait to hear more and what you have named him.Hope to see you at the next meet with your new darling son.Lots of love to you and all your family I bet dd is made up with him.

WSM · 02/03/2004 11:40

Many congrats Chatee, and welcome Master Chatee

bossykate · 02/03/2004 12:24


fio2 · 02/03/2004 12:27

congratulations chattee glad everything went okay

mammya · 03/03/2004 23:06


LEWEI · 17/03/2004 20:53

Congratulations, so happy that all is well.

stupidgirl · 17/03/2004 21:13


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