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megansmum77 is now megan and ryans mum

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megansmum77 · 15/06/2006 22:10

had contractions started on tuesday night at about 11.30pm, rang hospital and they said to ring back when every 5 minutes, after a sleepless night, i woke up at 6.30am, told husband couldnt bear pain any longer, dropped megan off at nanas, and made our way in, was examined at 9am and was 5cm, so allowed epidural after getting very high on gas and air!
1 hour and a half hours later, was fully dilated and ready to push, but had no feeling in legs whatsoever, couldbt really feel anything happening, anyway 1hr and a half later after saying i couldnt push anymore , Ryan arrived with cord round his neck, and weighing 8lb 14oz, 2lb heavier than Megan!!!!! was back at home at 8pm all healthy.

OP posts:
hunkermunker · 15/06/2006 22:11

Congratulations! Sounds like it all went really well - welcome, Ryan Smile

Miaou · 15/06/2006 22:13

Congrats to you! Enjoy that lovely new baby smell Smile

moondog · 15/06/2006 22:17

Lovely!! Smile
Welcome to the world Ryan!

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