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Darent Valley - anyone been to have their baby?

6 replies

pupuce · 07/02/2004 20:04

Just wondered.... any feedback? Is it in Dartford ?

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pupuce · 07/02/2004 20:04

oops wrong topic list ! sorry....

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pupuce · 09/02/2004 18:57

Oh well no one then

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Marina · 10/02/2004 09:32

I've been to paediatric casualty after an "incident" in Bluewater, Pupuce! Long wait but nice staff.

Twinkie · 10/02/2004 09:39

not had a baby there - I think St Mary's is my nearest but my friends son had a tumour under his arm and spent a considerable amount of time in there - she said they are wonderful (the staff that is) and if there were ever anything wrong with him again she would go straight there.

Sorry can't be much help!!

bluestar · 16/02/2004 15:06

My friend has her baby there in 2000; stayed a few days due to prolonged labour; no complaints, staff very helpful. Hospital in Gravesend.

pupuce · 16/02/2004 22:29

Well just been at a birth there - clearly understaffed but nice as brand new... and it is in Dartford.

And Marina - it was so close to Bluewater that I was even sent there for a little while

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