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Plama is now a pla ma ma!

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plama · 24/05/2006 14:44

Our DD2 was born on Sun 21st May at 18:57.

We had gone to the 9am showing of the Da Vinci Code at our local cinema ( as I was desperate to see the film before the baby came)Due date was 20th by scan ( but 21st by LMP). After 3rd trip to loo during film had show. After the cinema we went for a coffee and I realised things were statring (this was about 12:30). Went home and passed the time in early stages playing snakes and ladders with DD1 whilst sitting on birthing ball. Managed with tens at home. By tea time things were getting painful and contractions were coming every 2 mins and lasting 1 min , so phoned hospital and told to go in. Waters broke getting out of car ( didn't wet the seat - DH relieved!) Waddled up to delivery suite and arrived at 18:15. Needed gas and air big time now. I got very depressed when I was examined and told I was only 3 cm dilated and the baby felt posterior, as DD1 was posterior and I needed epidural, drip stitches etc etc then. Anyway stayed standing up and next thing I knew I felt the need to go to the loo and a head appeared!, DD was born at 18:57, less than 45 mins after arriving at hospital. She was 7lbs 61/2oz in old money and we have named her Isla Rose. Didn't need stitches and opted for early discharge, so were back at home eating buttered crumpets by midnight!
After birth of DD1 I never thought I'd manage with just TENS and gas so I feel really lucky. 2nd time round really can be better :)

OP posts:
FioFio · 24/05/2006 14:45

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted

colditz · 24/05/2006 14:45

Congratulations and welcome to Isla Rose!

peachyClair · 24/05/2006 15:17

Beautiful birth story and a beautiful name- welcome Isla Rose and congrats to the rest of you X

Amiable · 24/05/2006 15:56

Wonderful news! Really happy for you all and glad it all went well.

Esmummy · 25/05/2006 16:39

Love the name - its on our maybe list.
Congratulations :)

CarmenH · 25/05/2006 18:28

Congratulations. Beautiful name too.

Gem13 · 25/05/2006 19:07

Gosh - what an exciting day! Congratulations and welcome to Isla Rose Smile

Try to take things easy - it all sounds very speedy!

hotmama · 25/05/2006 19:11

Many congratulations and a lovely name. Smile

Angeliz · 25/05/2006 19:11

Lovely Birth story.

Congratulations to you all and welcome to the world Isla Rose. Gorgeous name!Smile

spidermama · 25/05/2006 19:20

Congratulations plamama. Smile
Beautiful, beautiful name. My one month old neice is called Isla. It's fairly unusual. I love it.

Enjoy your new dd. xx

littlerach · 25/05/2006 19:27

How lovely.

Brilliant name, too.

plama · 14/06/2006 17:06

Thanks to everyone for all you good wishes.

OP posts:
Ledodgyherring · 14/06/2006 17:08

Congratulations! Isla rose was what ds would have been had he been a girl. Smile

fairydust · 14/06/2006 17:11

what a fantastic choice of name we have an Isla as wel.

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