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Baby Hayls

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Hayls · 31/01/2004 21:11

Baby Emily (to be unofficially called Milly) arrived 25 mins after her due date on Thurs 29th Jan weighing 7lb 2oz. My waters broke at 3am on the 28th so it was a bit of a long (and painful!) day but it was all worth it. Tried everything including TENS, birthing pool etc but had an epidural in the end. I was totally exhausted and had a ventouse delivery and an episiotomy but thankfully we're both doing well now. Got home later the same day and slowly getting used to having a baby in the house. JUst need to get the breastfeeding sorted now- she's ben OK during the day but not at night so we're working on it!

OP posts:
Janh · 31/01/2004 21:15

Well, congratulations, Hayls! Sounds pretty good so far - welcome to Emily-Milly

emmatmg · 31/01/2004 21:18

Awwwww love the name Emily,(our DS3 would have been one)

Congratulations and well done on coming home on the same day.

welcome to Mumsnet Emily

bobsmum · 31/01/2004 21:18

Congratulations Hayls!! Welcome to Milly - gorgeous name!

Angeliz · 31/01/2004 21:29

I agree, GORGEOUS name

stupidgirl · 31/01/2004 21:42


mammya · 31/01/2004 21:56


Hulababy · 31/01/2004 22:16

Congratulations and welocme to Emily!

mears · 31/01/2004 23:16

Congratulations hayls and welcome to Milly

joolee · 01/02/2004 12:17

Congratulations and well done.

sb34 · 01/02/2004 12:19

Message withdrawn

SenoraPostrophe · 01/02/2004 12:23

Well done Hayls! Sounds almost exactly like dd's birth (oh, the memories), except for the birthing pool. Dd was a really good baby once I had the feeding sorted so perhaps it's a sign? I hope so. (have you tried feeding her lying down at night? doesn't wake the up so much, so can help, but might not).

Anyway congratulations and welcome to Emily.

marsup · 01/02/2004 16:54

Congratulations Hayls and baby Milly! Good luck with b/f and the rest. I'm finding it much harder work than childbirth, but then I guess it's a case of lucky at cards, unlucky in love or whatever the saying is.

deeno · 01/02/2004 18:20

Congratulations and well done Hayls. Welcome to the world Milly . Good luck with the b/f Hayls. I am finding b/f on demand quite tireing but well worth the perseverance. I believe it gets easier as baby gets bigger.

Ghosty · 01/02/2004 18:21

Congratulations Hayls ... welcome to Milly ... what a lovely name

fisil · 01/02/2004 18:52

congratulations! That's my birthday. Good for January sales gifts!

WSM · 01/02/2004 19:03

Wonderful stuff, many congrats and a HUGE welcome to little Emily/Milly

misspastry · 01/02/2004 20:44

well done to all of you and welcome to baby Milly, it's a lovely name and enjoy getting to know each other

motherinferior · 02/02/2004 08:17

Congratulations! My first labour sounds very similar - take care of yourself too, honey.

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