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Joolee's done it at last!

24 replies

joolee · 22/01/2004 16:17

Gave him as much time as I could but had to have help in the end after 19 days overdue!! Robert William arrived on Sunday 18th January at 2.33pm after a c-section starting with induction on Friday at 9pm. He weighed 9lbs 3ozs and is absolutely gorgeous!

We are both doing well and enjoying being at home after leaving hospital yesterday.

OP posts:
emmatmg · 22/01/2004 16:19

Congratulations and welcome to little Robert

motherinferior · 22/01/2004 16:20

Congratulations. Wow that's a wait!

DSW · 22/01/2004 16:23

Congratulations!!! Welcome Robert.

Bozza · 22/01/2004 16:24

Congratulations. Hope you didn't have too rough a time before the section.

SpringChicken · 22/01/2004 16:24

Many Many congratulations Welcome to Robert William

Blimey, 19 days - Your more patient that i could ever be joolee!

Northerner · 22/01/2004 16:25

Well done you!

Hayls · 22/01/2004 19:02

Congratulations and well done!

Kayleigh · 22/01/2004 19:10

Congratulations and well done
Just love the name (I have a Robert too!)

jodee · 22/01/2004 19:18

Many congratulations, and hello to little Robert!

(Must admit I keep misreading your nickname for mine, and I was wondering what on earth I had done at last!)

Hulababy · 22/01/2004 19:23

Congratulations and welcome to Robert!

fisil · 22/01/2004 19:45

Congratulations - worth the wait!

marsup · 22/01/2004 19:48

Congratulations Joolee and welcome Robert William! He is already bigger than my little Leo...

mears · 23/01/2004 00:15


mistletoes · 23/01/2004 02:49

Congratulations Joolee! Welcome Robert William

bobthebaby · 23/01/2004 03:40

Congratulations, a fine name.

FairyMum · 23/01/2004 07:30


Roscoe · 23/01/2004 08:12

Well done!

I think you desrve some kind of medal for waiting 19 days. I'm so glad it all went well for you both. Welcome to the world, not-so-little Robert.

kiwicath · 23/01/2004 14:13

Well done you two! - a whopping baby boy for a whopping long wait. Good luck

SenoraPostrophe · 23/01/2004 15:17

At last! congratulations.

joolee · 24/01/2004 16:51

Thanks everyone! Especially for your support through the months on Mumsnet

OP posts:
misspastry · 27/01/2004 22:16

well done

you must win an award for going so long overdue!!


Angeliz · 27/01/2004 22:24

Welcome to the world Robert William

lavender1 · 27/01/2004 22:26

Congratulations and welcome Robert

deeno · 28/01/2004 21:00

congratulations joolee, what lovely news welcome to baby Robert. Hope you are recovering well joolee.

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