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Pacinofan's baby is here!

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pacinofan · 09/04/2006 08:20

Pacinofan's baby daughter, Verity Frances, arrived Tuesday April 4 at 0828 weighing 5lb 5oz. She was 3 weeks early, born at 37+1.

Very, very quick labour - waters broke at 0415, no other signs of anything happening so rang the labour suite at 0445 and was told to call back in 2 hours as no contractions or pain. DH was overseas working, so called my parents to come and look after dd1. Big mistake, I said there was no rush as wasn't in labour yet - by the time they arrived at 0730, I was standing on the drive, contracting, with my best friend who had driven over to be present at the birth, should my dh not be there. Contractions has begun in earnest around 0645, has anyone ever tried to get those tens pads on by themselves?! Hysterical!

We made it to the hospital by 0800, I was shown to the delivery suite straight away, a couple of quick puffs of gas and air and Verity was born amazingly quickly with just a couple of pushes. No tears or stitches and minimum blood loss.

Overall, a great birth, remarkably easy and straightforward. Although dh wasn't there, somehow it doesn't seem to matter - my closest friend whom I have known 28 years was there and did a fantastic job and the 'phonecall to dh telling him his daughter had arrived was something I shall never forget. He was simply ecstatic, and is still on cloud 9 this morning!

Verity doing very well, breastfeeding nicely and is just adorable.

OP posts:
Cristina7 · 09/04/2006 08:22

Congratulations on Verity's arrival. What a lovely name.

Enid · 09/04/2006 08:39

congratulations pacinofan! Sounds lovely and a very pretty name too.

you were as pg as me and your announcement has made me very very Envy that you have your lovely baby already!

Bouj · 09/04/2006 09:18

Yes, I am sitting here at 37+1 weeks very jealous! Lovely birth story, glad to hear it went so well. Enjoy your newly extended family.

Spacecadet · 09/04/2006 09:19


lucy5 · 09/04/2006 09:21

Well done and welcome to the world Verity! Grin

hulababy · 09/04/2006 10:03

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Hopecat · 09/04/2006 10:35

Congratulations! Smile

I know you don't know me (I'm new on the Conception threads), but I love reading the birth stories - reminds me why I'm going through all this.

Congratulations, and welcome to the world Verity! Sound like a dream labour...

Ponka · 11/04/2006 21:26

Congratulations Pachinofan! Well Done!

biglips · 11/04/2006 21:28

congrats Grin xxxxxxx

spots · 11/04/2006 21:37

Brillint Pacinofan!Really gladyour friend was such a good birthpartner if dh not avle to be there. Whenwillhemeether?

pacinofan · 12/04/2006 07:15

Just popped on to say thank you all for your lovely messages, they really help to brighten the day.

Spots - dh met Verity same day, he rushed straight from airport to hospital and met her when she was around 8 hours old. He is totally smitten!

OP posts:
schneebly · 12/04/2006 07:25

Congratulations pacinofan and family! Glad you had a good birth and Verity sounds like a wee darling! Enjoy her! {smile]

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