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I've spawned baby Newt !

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Newt · 22/12/2003 17:45

Baby girl who arrived on her due date - 13th Dec at 9am.

I am soooo happy with my beautiful daughter, name still to be decided on...Eve or Elizabeth.

Life does not get any better than this!

Will post more when I can tear myself away from her for five minutes.

Newt xxxxxx

OP posts:
sobernoel · 22/12/2003 17:49

Congratulations, Newt - Eve is a lovely name, and Elizabeth is dd1's middle name.Whichever you choose, glad to hear you're so happy with her

mistletoes · 22/12/2003 17:54

Congrats Newt and welcome baby E!

boozysoozywong · 22/12/2003 17:58


you sound exceedingly loved up, and rightly so

SnowmAngeliz · 22/12/2003 17:58

congratulations Newt You sound in Seventh Heaven Long may it last

motherinfestivemood · 22/12/2003 18:04

You've got it wrong - it gets better, and better, and better.

Congratulations, babe!

sHANtA · 22/12/2003 18:09

Congrats to you and your little daughter Newt. enjoy every minute!!

Jinglebells · 22/12/2003 18:09

Congratulations! Enjoy

Newt · 22/12/2003 18:17

Gosh so many replies so soon! I forgot to say she weighed in at 6lb 10 oz (still old money!) Yes I am totally loved up. Planning the next one already and I am soooo horney having gone without for 6 months..didn't feel like it before..
Shall I post gory waters breaking details? This thread?

OP posts:
SnowmAngeliz · 22/12/2003 18:21

ooh yes please i like details of births

GhostofChristmasPast · 22/12/2003 18:31

Congratulations Newt!!

adell · 22/12/2003 18:34

Congratulations ! Have a lovely Christmas with your new daughter.

TinselDragon · 22/12/2003 18:38


alohappychristmas · 22/12/2003 18:50

Congratulations! Great christmas present

MincePie · 22/12/2003 18:52

Congratulations Newt!!!

Eve is nice

Tinker · 22/12/2003 18:55

Oh, congratulations Like both Eve and Elizabeth, the latter is really versatile.

popsycal · 22/12/2003 18:59

is she your first!?!?
i want another......argh

WiShuaMerryXmas · 22/12/2003 19:03

Lovely, lovely, lovely.... Many congrats

(me too popsy )

WiShuaMerryXmas · 22/12/2003 19:04

Lovely, lovely, lovely.... Many congrats

(me too popsy )

KaySleighBells · 22/12/2003 19:40

Congratulations Newt. Enjoy your babies first christmas.

SenoraPostrophe · 22/12/2003 19:42

Congratulations! (and yes, gory details please! )

sobernoel · 22/12/2003 19:43

Oh, yes Newt do tell us here - there's nothing we like more than a push-by-push account!

HappyHollyHulababy · 22/12/2003 19:44

Congratulations and welcome to your little girl!

Demented · 22/12/2003 19:47

Congratulations Newt, one that arrived on time, that doesn't happen often!

Look forward to reading the birth story!

angelanais · 22/12/2003 20:16


GlitterGrommit · 22/12/2003 20:21

Congratulations Newt

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