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Popadopalis has a daughter!

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Twiga · 20/02/2006 14:09

Pops doesn't have internet access just now so I'm posting on her behalf; she and dh are pleased to announce the safe arrival of Anya Olive Catriona at 12.15am this morning, 7lb 9oz. Both doing very well, bf going fine and her dh about fit to burst with pride!

OP posts:
LadySherlockofLGJ · 20/02/2006 14:11
hotmama · 20/02/2006 14:11

Congrats to Pops Another Feb baby. Hope you get your internet access sorted so we can see you on the post natal thread.

Congrats again! xx

Nbg · 20/02/2006 14:12

Awww what a pretty name.


MarsOnLife · 20/02/2006 14:13


LadySherlockofLGJ · 20/02/2006 16:56


catj · 20/02/2006 17:07

Congratulations. I don't normally post on those I don't "know" but I had to as one of those names is the same as mine

Twiga · 20/02/2006 19:23

Catj, I'll let you in on a secret - one of those names is mine too, was choked when pops told me she wanted to use it (it's not the same as yours!).

Pops while I'm here I guess I should add my congratulations too! Dh, dd and I are all thrilled . I now understand the stress you went through waiting for our dd to arrive, I kept waking up last night thinking "has she had her yet?!" Can't wait to see you very soon, and if you're reading this before I've had a chance to print it then give her a hug from me. Lots of love, Twiga and co x x x

OP posts:
Hulababy · 20/02/2006 19:26

Congratulations to her and her family. Welcome to Anya

Jasnem · 20/02/2006 19:54


Cadmum · 20/02/2006 19:55

Huge congratulations! Beautiful name too. Welcome baby Anya.

tassis · 20/02/2006 20:56

Congratulations Pops!

Enjoy your precious wee gift from God.

(we met at twiga's house at her dd's baptism)

Maddison · 20/02/2006 21:50


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