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Cuffyj1's little Lewis is here.

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cuffyj1 · 15/02/2006 18:43

I started with irregular contractions on tuesday evening (7/2) which stopped by early hours wednesday (8/2). They then started up again about 10am wednesday a little more regular but still no general pattern. Came every 10 mins for about an hour about 9pm so rang labour suite because i'm group b strep and knew i needed antibiotics they told me to come in and they'd check me out. Put me on monitor and contractions were coming 6-7 mins apart and i was 6cm so they started antibiotics. They broke my waters at 3am, then pains got bad so started gas and air.

By 7am (9/2) i had a tiny bit of cervix to move so they left me a while but a few hours later it hadn't moved so started a drip to get it moved then pains became even worse so i asked for an epidural cos i was so knackered i couldn't keep my eyes open. Managed to get a bit of rest.

Started pushing but i couldn't move him at all (oh forgot to say his back was against my back so he was coming out looking up instead of down so they said it'd be more difficult) If i could've got him down a bit they would have used forceps to get him out but he was having none of it so they started talking of vontouse or c-sec. I was in agony again by this time because the epidural was wearing off so i was yelling "just do a c-sec i just want it out now" but they had to wait for my consultants opinion first which took ages but they decided on emergency c-sec.

So after all the pain and agony Lewis was eventually born at 14.49 weighing 9lb 2oz on 9/2.

We came out of hospital Sunday(12/2) and both doin fine. He was worth it.

Sorry it's long.

OP posts:
dejags · 15/02/2006 19:04


sounds like a marathon - but worth it in the end.

Jasnem · 15/02/2006 19:06

Congratulations cuffy, sorry you had a rough time, but as you said, he is worth it.

GDG · 15/02/2006 19:08

Hurrah! Congratulations!

VeniVidiVickiQV · 15/02/2006 19:09


mummy23 · 15/02/2006 20:03

Congrats. What a lovely name! Enjoy your little (or big) bundle of joy!

hotmama · 16/02/2006 12:52

Congrats Cuffy - we can talk about emergency c-sections on the post-natal thread.

Huge congrats x

Flossam · 16/02/2006 12:55

Huge congratulations, have been wondering about you

Glad Lewis made it here safely. Good weight too!

coppertop · 16/02/2006 13:04


Tabs · 16/02/2006 21:06

Congratulations cuffy. Better late than never eh . Hope that you are healing well, and see you soon on postnatal.

Yorkiegirl · 16/02/2006 21:08

Message withdrawn

Maddison · 16/02/2006 22:42

Congratulations Cuffy

I had one of those back-to-back labours aswell - absolute agony but well worth it in the end!

Frizbetheexpansionset · 19/02/2006 19:09

congrats to you and yours Cuffyj

cuffyj1 · 04/03/2006 10:59


Just learnt how to do a link so thought i'd try it out.

OP posts:
ellenrose · 06/03/2006 14:31

congrats - what a cutie!! Smile

teacups · 06/03/2006 18:11

He is GORGEOUS! many congratulations to you all


mears · 07/03/2006 23:41

Congratulations and welcome to Lewis. Beautiful baby Smile

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