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Womba's peanut has been extracted!!

13 replies

womba1 · 29/01/2006 21:54

Hi All,

a real quickie to let you know that Caitlin Erin was safely delivered by c-section on Wednesday 25th January at 10am weighing 8lbs and 10.5oz!!
She's gorgeous and we're all completely in awe of her.
Will write more soon,
love Womba x

OP posts:
VeniVidiVickiQV · 29/01/2006 22:07


mears · 29/01/2006 22:23

Congratulations and welcome to Caitlin

Laura032004 · 31/01/2006 08:18


Maddison · 31/01/2006 16:03

Congratulations on the birth of Caitlin Erin

Marina · 31/01/2006 16:13

Really pleased to she is safe and well and so are you womba. Congratulations and an extra special Mumsnet welcome to Caitlin Erin

motherinferior · 31/01/2006 16:13

Lovely name!

Cadbury · 31/01/2006 16:13

Oh how wonderful! Congratualtions Womba and family. And welcome Caitlin Erin

nutcracker · 31/01/2006 16:15

Congrats, and what a lovely name

hotmama · 31/01/2006 16:15

Congrats Womba - hope to see you soon on the post-natal thread!

PeachyClair · 31/01/2006 16:24

Really nice name.

Welcome little one, and congrats to the rest of your family.

sweetkitty · 03/02/2006 23:00

Many congratulations and welcome to Caitlin Erin (I have a Talia Erin who was born on the 26th and was nearly Caitlin Erin) come and join us on the Jan 06 post natal thread!

Aero · 03/02/2006 23:04

Congratulations. Caitlin shares her middle name with dd.

edodgy · 03/02/2006 23:30

Aww congrats exactly 2 months younger than my ds (25/11) Lovely name too.

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