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Another January arrival....

16 replies

ange8179 · 16/01/2006 10:56

Hi all,

Just a quick post to let you know that Maddison Emily arrived on Tuesday 10th Jan at 19:30. She made a quick arrival into the world, 3hrs, and weighed 10lb 71/2 oz.

Wishing you all well with you arrivals and upcoming deliveries.


OP posts:
Hulababy · 16/01/2006 10:57

Congratulations and welcome to Maddison Emily

hotmama · 16/01/2006 11:00

Congratulations - and ouch!

iris66 · 16/01/2006 11:28

What a weight! (Ouch!) Congratulations Ange and welcome to Maddison! (we were wondering what had happened to you on the Jan thread )

waterfalls · 16/01/2006 11:30

Congratulations on giving birth to a toddler

sweetkitty · 16/01/2006 11:30

congratulations Ange = well done lovely names and what a weight think you are the heaviest January baby so far!

lyra41 · 16/01/2006 14:53

congrats ange

well done with your whoppa! and sympathies too, i know it's hard to get the big ones out.

lilsbabies · 16/01/2006 14:55

A BIG Congratulations sweetheart! Well done!

Big ouch!!!!

Was it a natural delivery?

Take care

Leanne x

ange8179 · 16/01/2006 16:25

Hi all,

Thanks for your messages. Maddison was born naturally albeit her shoulders got stuck so she had a "corkscrew delivery" - don't ask!!

Best wishes to you all..


OP posts:
Mum2OneAndBump · 16/01/2006 16:28

Congratulations & welcome to baby Maddison

PeachyClair · 16/01/2006 16:37

Congratulations, lovely name!

Maddison · 16/01/2006 18:30


Excellent name ....

MarsOnLife · 16/01/2006 18:31


lyra41 · 17/01/2006 20:53

likewise with the corkscrew delivery - not pleasant is it? and very wierd as when the head was born, i couldn't tell as the shoulders felt so big they still felt like a head. did you feel that too?

lyra41 · 17/01/2006 20:54

i also had the surreal experience of the mw holding Alex's head and dialing on her mobile phone in the other hand saying, can we get someone here, it's a shoulder dystocia, i need some back up! no one came, but thankfully the mw was able to do the corkscrew maneuvre successfully. phew!

lyra41 · 17/01/2006 20:55

sorry to hijack your thread, just wanted to share similar experience with you.

ange8179 · 21/01/2006 09:52

Sorry for the delay in replying... have been busy with babe. I know exactly what you mean regarding the experience. For me I was in hospital and the room just filled with people!!

Hope your babe is fine...


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