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Harriette's Here!!!!

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Jaysfirst · 08/01/2006 15:08

Hiya one and all

Finall got round to reading a few posts and thought i would fill you in on some more of the birth. I know you know the important bits as DH was a star and posted for me, but heres a few more details.

New years day at 5 am my waters initially 'broke' but it wasnt a gush as such and so i didnt think anything to much about it, throughout the day it trickled out, and i dithered about whether it was my waters or not....DH and i 'got down to it' in the evening and thats when it finally hit me that , yes my waters have gone.... poor DH face, he was lik ' what the .......' i was just laughing so much and all the while water was soaking out lol. Anyway prob TMI but it was so funny at the time! So i thought i had better call the hospital, they said to go in and i was monitored and told that yes my watrs had broke and that it was liely that they had gone at 5am... it was now 11 30, and i wasnt having any contractios at all so they sent me home saying that i would need to be induced the following morning if nothing had happened. Got home and ent to bed, couldnt really sleep though as i was too excitied and scared! this was it, the start of the rest of my life! oke at 3 with some contractions, coming every 7 mins for about 40 secs...i really though this was it. Got to hospital and they examined me, i hadnt dilated AT ALL... grrrr so they went ahead and i had to have gel to try and start me off. Had to lie for an hour then they checked me again, nothing.... so they said i would need to wait a further 6 hours and if still nothing then i would have to be put on a drip.... no water birth for me It seeme like the longest 6 hours of my life, still having contractions though, about every 6/7 mins, and they were starting to get stronger. It got to 3 oclock in the afternoon and i was due to be put on the drip. Noone came to see me and nothing was said to me, i ended up having to seek out a MW and asking what the heck was going on. I had had the spiel about how they didnt like to leave you longer than 24 hrs after your waters had gone and here i was comig up to 36 hrs and noone was telling me hat was going on. I kicked up a bit of fuss and it turned out that there wasnt any MF's or any spare rooms for me.... god i was pissed off, my contractions were getting worse and i was so knackered. So 7 oclock came and i was finally taken to a delivery suite where i was examined...still no dilation at all. she so didnt want to come out of me! So they hooked me up to the drip and within two minutes i was feeling the contractions oh so badly... was given gas and air...had a few sucks and felt like i had smoked ten spliffs!!! didnt really agree with me at all and i felt really strange with it. After about an hour with the contractions getting stronger i asked for an epidural, had to wait a further 40 mins as the anaesthetist was in theatre. Eventually i got it, which was great and it worked for a bit but with in a few hours it had worn off ( they think it was becasue of a past op) so i had to try the gas and air...yeuk no go for me.... i was examined at 11 and the MF was so cool i had only reached about 2 1/2 cm.. but she 'stretched' me a bit so that i would appear to have reached ' established' labour as she knew how much i didnt want a c section...good on her!!! i then went on through to 3 am where i had reached only 6 cms.. god it was taking forever...and the worst thing was, there was a clock right in front of me so i coould see the hands moving sooooo slowly round and round geting more tired and fed up then eventually two hrs later at 6 am i reached 10 cms. As i had had the drip i had to wait a further hour before i could start to push...which was fine as i hadnt even flet like i had wanted to push at all. 7 25 am i began pushing and it was amazing. I so enjoyed it. I know it sounds strange but it was awesome and i really felt like i was in control eventually. The feeling of pushing and feeling her work her way down and through me was out of this world, i never thought i would feel so euphoric about it. I didnt make any noise or scream at all, which also surprised me i just focused completely on the contractions and the pushing right down. DH even asked me if i wanted to have a icture taken ( of down there ) and i said yes!!! i was so impressed with myself! i felt her pop out really gently and almost in slow motion at 8.55 am a whole 50 hours after my waters had first broken, and about 10 hours after established labour had begun. The ord was wrapped tightly round her little neck and she was the colour of a plum but they managed to put her on my chest and DH cut the cord befoe she had to have some oxygen and a bit of a 'rough' up. She was fine after a few mins and then i could cuddle her. Had to have a cpl of stitches because her head was so big but that was fine and i didnt feel a thing!

All in all i had a blast, i was totally knackered and felt a bit let down by some aspects of the NHS ways but i also had said that i wasnt going to be rigid in my birth plan as you just never know whats going to happen!

Had to stay in hospital longer than i thought becasue of the risk of infection to Harri ( due to waters going so long before the birth) and i came home on Tuesday 5th Jan after being admitted on Monday 2nd)

It was a truely awesome experience and i wouldnt hesitate ( even though i had a fair few probs in pregnancy) in having more bubs!!!!!

Hope i havnt bored anyone to death, i knew that when i got started it might turn into an epic... still you dont have to read it all Will now be joining in with the post natal threat, i have a hundred and one questions to ask!!

J xxxx

OP posts:
MarsLady · 08/01/2006 15:45


Well done you!!!

iris66 · 08/01/2006 15:53

Jaysfirst that is a lovely story. I'm so glad your overall experience was so positive and congratulations again on getting your darling baby girl at last. x

greenbean · 08/01/2006 15:55
sweetkitty · 08/01/2006 15:57

Well done Jaysfirst congratulations and welcome to Harriette!

Bit of an epic but you got there in the end you sound so happy and euphoric!

funnygirl · 08/01/2006 16:01

congratulations! Welcome to Harriette

Rach69 · 08/01/2006 16:27

Lovely story Jaysfirst - I had a very similar experience with ds1 - waters breaking, slow contractions initally, same size too - but you kept so positive and all on your own! (with dh of course) well done on such a good second stage (I was defeated by then and had to have forceps) good on you girl!

Mum2OneAndBump · 08/01/2006 17:20

"CONGRATULATIONS" Jaysfirst, what a great story, sorry your labour was soo long from start to finish you must be so relieved to have your little girl

Was it St peters Hospital you gave birth at? The there no ,Midwifes & no beds sounds just like what happened when i was in labour with Ds, they told me to go & sit in the waiting room, even know i was in complete aginy & being sick

Oh well only 11 days to go & i will be back there hope its a good experience as i am scared.

Love the name Harriette & the pics are gorgeous.

Take Care x

flutterbee · 08/01/2006 17:28

Told you I would read it Jay, cup of tea in one hand George in the other wriggling away.

So glad it was such a positive experience for you, even with everything that happened in the run up to having George I still felt really positive about it all. Can't wait to have another

See you on post-natal soon. xxx

Jaysfirst · 08/01/2006 18:58

mum2oneandbump, yes it was st peters! Youre the first MN'ter that i have come accross that lives round my parts! Where abouts are you?

St Petets was ok though , overall, i just felt like they were not giving me enough attention i guess and that they were a bit abrupt with me. But it all turned out ok in the end, i am not one to hold grudges or get worked up about anything!

Thanks everyone for your lovely posts, its nice to know that some peeps have read my epic account, maybe i should have done it in diff chapters!!!

OP posts:
Mum2OneAndBump · 08/01/2006 19:10

Hi Jaysfirst, I know what you mean about the Abruptness i went to the EPU on Friday & came out feeling very stressed about the whole thing, they are so short & rude in that place, made me feel like i was a pain, i suppose they see alot of women everyday moaning about problems or worrying but its only natural to be like that, we all just want our babies to be safe

I must say though the Midwife who delivered my ds last time was so so lovely & everything was very very relaxed, there was only me,dp & the one midwife, she cried when ds was born bless her. So the birth experience was fine, the getting there & them having no beds was crap & same with the aftercare on the ward, that was the most depressing bit I "HATED" it there & could not wait to get out.

I live in Woking so not far from the hospital, where abouts are you?

ebbie22 · 08/01/2006 23:36

oh congratulations hun,your dd is truley a picture xxxx

Chuffed · 09/01/2006 03:15

Congrats Jaysfirst - hope you are feeling a bit more recovered now.

PocketTasha · 09/01/2006 15:42

A birth story is NEVER boring. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

ei23 · 09/01/2006 17:12

congrats on the birth of your beatiful little girl!! what a perfect ending to the pregnancy for you!! big hugs to you your dh and harriette xxx

Nemo1977 · 09/01/2006 17:20

jays congrates to you on the birth of harriette am soo glad another dec bubs arrived safely[even if it was a little late]

Mud · 09/01/2006 17:28

Congratulations. but of an unusaul spelling for harriet isn't it?

Jaysfirst · 09/01/2006 17:45

Apparently it is an unusual way of spelling it although both myself and DH thought that it was the way to spell it anyway!! We have been calling her Harri and some friend have called her Etty...who knows what she will end up!

Thanks to all of you and your responses, i am loving being a mummy!!!

OP posts:
codthemod · 09/01/2006 17:47

i think the spellign may well drive oyu nuts

Jaysfirst · 09/01/2006 19:40

tihnk i konw waht you maen.............

Her name is unique and different, just like her!

OP posts:
codnotamod · 09/01/2006 19:42

and is speak as a bad typer but also as somone who has to spell out loud BOTH parts of nmy very long name

19 letters

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