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Baby Bluebear arrived at last.

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bluebear · 22/10/2003 11:14

Baby Bluebear arrived on sunday, a successful VBAC delivery, mainly due to the skill and determination of the staff at Queen Charlotte's.
She's a 8lb 13oz bundle of gorgousness. No name as yet.

OP posts:
Twinkie · 22/10/2003 11:15

Message withdrawn

CountessDracula · 22/10/2003 11:16

Lovely news bluebear! Have vision of tiny blue bear wrapped up in a blanket

Northerner · 22/10/2003 11:18

Congrats and well done you!

WSM · 22/10/2003 11:18

Wonderful news bluebear. Great to hear a positive VBAC story.

CD - Me too

Grommit · 22/10/2003 11:33

Many Congratulations Bluebear!

Bozza · 22/10/2003 11:41


LucieB · 22/10/2003 12:00

wonderful news - looking forward to more details - ie the name and how it all went. Sounds like another good experience for a mumsnetter...very encouraging to those of us with the prospect of childbirth looming!
Take care of yourselves

mears · 22/10/2003 12:01

Congratulations Bluebear. Looking forward to hearing your birth story

Bogwoppit · 22/10/2003 12:05


suedonim · 22/10/2003 12:27


fio2 · 22/10/2003 12:36


Padme · 22/10/2003 12:37

Congratulations! really encouraging to know of a successfull VBAC for worrywarts like me!

Padme · 22/10/2003 12:38

Congratulations! really encouraging to know of a successfull VBAC for worrywarts like me!

motherinferior · 22/10/2003 13:15

Welcome, bearcub!

M2T · 22/10/2003 13:16

Fantastic news! Well done with the VBAC!

tinyfeet · 22/10/2003 13:34

Well done! Congrats and welcome!!

pie · 22/10/2003 13:35

Congratulations bluebear, so glad to hear things went as you wanted...hope to see you soon on October Babies so that we can compare Queen Charlotte stories

fisil · 22/10/2003 18:48


princesspeahead · 22/10/2003 19:09

hurrah for the bluecub!

Angiel · 22/10/2003 20:16


Loobie · 22/10/2003 20:31

congrats and welcome to the world little bub.

Marina · 22/10/2003 21:03

Many congratulations bluebear, and well done on getting your VBAC!

kaz33 · 22/10/2003 21:40

As another recent VBAC I know what a fab achievement it is . Well done, remember it was achieved by your determination and willpower as well
Huge congrulations

mammya · 22/10/2003 21:51

Well done bluebear, congratulations, and welcome to baby bluebear

BearintheBigBlueHous · 23/10/2003 14:05

Good to have another cub on board. Well done.

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