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Rodeo's Little Rode-ette's Entrance!

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rodeo1 · 24/10/2005 19:53

A little belated (due to broken crappy laptop), I'm sure I've forgotton some of the details too!

On Monday 10th October 2005 we arrived at hosp at 8am for planned section to have baby no 3(!) at 36+5wks (due to thinning uterus after several sections in case you were wondering abour earliness!), me v. nervous, dp very calm. Walked barefoot round to anethetists room at 12midday to have combined spinal and epidural which didn't hurt a bit, (having venflon sited was worse!), then was wheeled into theatre at 12.35pm - I'm a clockwatcher!

Asked dp a minute later if they'd started to which he replied 'Oh yes!', took a while as they where tying off scar tissue, started to hurt around my breastbone but lovely anetheist gave me a nice injection! After a bit of tugging, baby was born at 12.50pm! Was expecting a girl, but was convinced it looked like a boy and had to ask dp 3 times!! But it was a girl, baby Jess, covered in vernix with lots of black hair weighing 6lb 12oz. She spent a bit of time on the incubator thingy with the midwives rubbing her and wafting the oxygen mask around her but she let out a little cry and was fine. dp held her as they sewed me up. Then she was given to me for skin to skin contact in the recovery room as she has a 'baby grunt'. We were tranfered to the maternity suite which was surprisingly nice and quiet. Grunt went by night-time, and she started breast feeding like a pro overnight. Had a pleasant stay in hospital getting to know her, but I was very glad to get home. Rather boring birth story I know! Goriest bit was having the drain pulled out of wound which was horrendous!!

Jess is a lovely laid back little dot, and not much trouble, and big sister Bella and brother Joe adore her. She looks like her daddy I think and has his dark colouring, will post some piccies soon!

She is my last baby so will try to enjoy it as much as possible

OP posts:
doormat · 24/10/2005 19:54

congratulations rodeo
and welcome to the world baby jess

Yorkiegirl · 24/10/2005 19:55

Message withdrawn

laurenholly · 24/10/2005 21:36

congratulations rodeo and dp
lovely name

Gem13 · 24/10/2005 21:39

Congratulations! Welcome to Jess . She sounds adorable - hairy babies always are!

NO birth stories are boring. Some just sound less stressful than others.

MarsLady · 24/10/2005 21:48


dramaqueen72 · 24/10/2005 22:35

congratulations! she sounds lovely!

Diddle · 25/10/2005 08:16

Congratulations Rodeo - I've been keeping my eye on you due in Nov people. Now its tiem to enjoy your bundle of joy. Lots of love to you and your family x x x

Tickle · 25/10/2005 08:43

Congratulations to the whole family Our no 3 just spends her life being entertained by the older 2, & it sounds like baby Jess is going to be just as lucky with her big bro & sis

Frizbe · 25/10/2005 08:45

Awww Congrats

milward · 25/10/2005 09:09

Well done rodeo - many congrats xxx

Maddison · 25/10/2005 15:41


matthewsmummy · 25/10/2005 18:02

congratulations rodeo1, i wouldn't say boring coz no birth is boring but it sounds very pleasant and enjoyable. glad you had a positive experience. welcome to little jess.

rodeo1 · 25/10/2005 21:46

Thank you everyone! Heres a piccy!

OP posts:
trace2 · 25/10/2005 21:48


ChaCha · 26/10/2005 22:21

Didn't realise you'd posted here Rodeo so will say it again:


Helenemjay · 27/10/2005 11:38

Well done rodeo1! CONGRATULATIONS welcome cuddles to baby Jess! xxxx

aloha · 27/10/2005 11:44

Congratulations! How lovely she sounds!

sweetkitty · 27/10/2005 11:47

Many congratulations! She sounds lovely and what a lovely name too.

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