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Gorgeous babe here at last!

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Bekki · 04/09/2003 21:53

Alexander James was born this morning at 9.53 after a very much wanted natural birth. Amazingly he weighed only 7lbs 4oz compared to his adoring big brother whom weighed 8lbs 14oz.

Apart from ds1 wrecking the house at every available oppurtunity everything has gone better than I had hoped for. Baby seems to be taking quickly to breast feeding (although hes taking in air). Four dirty nappies seems a bit extreme for the first 12 hours of life though. But if you compare it to the amount of times that I went during labour it seems comparitively normal. Hes absolutely perfect although he has a big over bite with some very large looking knashers coming through already! I'll have no nipples left soon.

Mil was the most amazing person, and I owe her BIG TIME! My dh was absolutely useless whilst I was in labour and didn't seem to care about anything or anyone. His mum saw how useless he was and stepped in to be my birthing partner. Words cannot express what her help has meant to me. After a long arduous labour I nearly gave up and screamed to be whisked off to the nearest hospital at 6 this morning. But mil took it upon herself to be my birth coach, and I will always be grateful to her for letting me have my dream birth experience. Thanks to my mil and everyone at St Marys midwifery unit and most of all for all the mumsnetters for their advice and reasurrance since I joined this site. I sound like I'm collecting an award! Thanks again and I'll just sit on my own on the Sept babies thread.

Happy! Happy! Happy!

OP posts:
Bekki · 04/09/2003 21:53

OOOhh, exactly 12 hours ago how weird!

OP posts:
WideWebWitch · 04/09/2003 21:55

Oh well done Bekki, lovely news and ooh, your MIL sounds a gem.

katierocket · 04/09/2003 21:56

congratulations bekki, really glad you had the birth in the way you wanted.
lol to alexander and his big brother.

JanHR · 04/09/2003 21:57

Congraulations Bekki and welcome to Alexander James. I am glad that you got the birth you wanted. You MIL sounds fantastic.

WideWebWitch · 04/09/2003 21:58

congratulations Bekki, what a lovely MIL! Well done!

Oakmaiden · 04/09/2003 22:00


judetheobscure · 04/09/2003 22:01

At least your dh got one thing right - he made sure he had a good mum

cazzybabs · 04/09/2003 22:02

Well done - please give Alexander a cuddle from me (I am not all broody )

Claireandrich · 04/09/2003 22:12

Congratulations and welcome to Alexander James!

You MIL sounds fab!

mears · 04/09/2003 22:15

Congratulations Bekki - don't be too hard on your DH, there are many experts out there who think that mothers and mother figures are the best birthing partners. Your MIL has proved that for you. Well done

Bossanova · 04/09/2003 22:21

Well done Bekki. Congratulations.

ANGELMOTHER · 04/09/2003 23:00

Wow Bekki we've been waiting anxiously for this announcement.
Huge congrats, I'm delighted to hear you got the birth you wanted, hugs and kisses to little Alexandra.

doormat · 04/09/2003 23:49

Congratulations Bekki and welcome to the world Alexander James

Bekki it seems that you have been pg forever

mammya · 05/09/2003 03:21

Well done Bekki, congratulations and welcome to alexander!

Ghosty · 05/09/2003 05:33

Great news Bekki ... congratulations and welcome to your little one

batey · 05/09/2003 07:04

Fantastic news.

SoupDragon · 05/09/2003 07:30


winnie1 · 05/09/2003 07:51

Bekki, Congratulations! Welcome to the world Alexander James!

Pimpernel · 05/09/2003 08:12

Bekki, many congratulations!

pupuce · 05/09/2003 08:31

Bekki - this is absolutely fab..... and as a birth partner (doula) myself I can say WELL DONE to your MIL !!!! This is why good birthing partner make such a big difference ! I am soooooooo pleased for you.
Don't forget if BF is too painful, get a BF counsellor to give you a hand ! Don't get off to a bad sore nipple start !

Jemma7 · 05/09/2003 08:42

Congratulations Bekki

Well done - spooky it was exactly 12 since the birth when you posted!

pie · 05/09/2003 08:43

Congratulations Bekki

Janstar · 05/09/2003 09:08

Congrats Bekki. Just make sure your dh buys you a lovely present to make you feel better! Some people just can't handle it if they're squeamish. Or perhaps it was seeing you in pain that did him in.

Thank goodness for your MIL, look after her, good MILs are like gold dust!

motherinferior · 05/09/2003 09:18

Fantastic. And how wonderful your MIL sounds - who needs dhs?

Congrats again.

EmmaTMG · 05/09/2003 09:28

Ohhhh Congratulations Bekki. I can't believe I'd been checking all day for an announcement and decided not to have one last quick look at 10pm last night before I went to bed.

Well done on being the first on the Sept thread too! You won the race!

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