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Rachel arrives !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Redhelen · 21/09/2005 08:58

So excited to announce the arrival of my daughter Rachel Emily 8.1 on Sunday 18th September.

Sadly another section at 9cm dilation - as doctors scared my scar was unsafe!! so sore but happy.

Can't beleive how much I love her!!! (and my son of 5 of course! - hes delighted too - and dh is just plain spaced out!!!)

OP posts:
pindy · 21/09/2005 09:03

Great news - Congratulations - I'm sure the pain was worth it - just remember that

Miaou · 21/09/2005 09:11

That's great RedHelen - congratulations

auntymandy · 21/09/2005 09:12


biglips · 21/09/2005 09:42

yay! congrats and welcome to Rachel Emily

zippy539 · 21/09/2005 09:56

Yayyy! Congratulations and a lovely name!

Marina · 21/09/2005 09:57

Congratulations Redhelen, 4 or 5 years is a great age gap and our two give us lots of laughs now they are two and six. Welcome Rachel

diane77 · 21/09/2005 15:52

congratulations can empathize with c section aches!!!

meggymoo · 21/09/2005 19:11

Message withdrawn

matthewsmummy · 22/09/2005 10:54


Hulababy · 22/09/2005 11:10

Congratulations and welcome to Rachel

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