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New Tadpole for the Frog Family

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Frogling · 13/08/2003 11:10

Charlotte Sophie Faith arrived by emergency c/s on Friday 8th August, weighing in at 9lb 9oz.
Tried a natural labour, but she was lying back-to-back and wouldn't come out, so off to theatre we went, where apparently I was having hallucinations about sausages (do I need therapy for this?)
Came home yesterday, unable to breasfeed due to blood transfusions and an infection, so slightly disappointed, but happy to be home safe and well.
Thanks to everyone on mumsnet for their advice and help during my pregnancy - it would have been much less fun without you all to talk to!

OP posts:
bossykate · 13/08/2003 11:15

congratulations and well done!

Jaybee · 13/08/2003 11:33

Congratulations - love the name. Sounda as though you had a rough time, hope all goes well from now on.

WideWebWitch · 13/08/2003 11:50


mears · 13/08/2003 12:23

Congratulations Frogling. Sorry to hear you have had such a difficult time - hope you are feeling a lot better now. Hope Charlotte is thriving.

Dahlia · 13/08/2003 13:04

Well Done Frogling! And welcome to Charlotte - lovely name

SoupDragon · 13/08/2003 13:06


motherinferior · 13/08/2003 14:19

Oh honey, glad it's all over with. Congratulations after such a difficult time!

pie · 13/08/2003 14:20


Claireandrich · 13/08/2003 18:24

Congratulations and welcome to Charlotte.

princesspeahead · 13/08/2003 18:42

wonderful - congrats! hope you make a fast recovery, you sound like you've been through the wars, but obviously it is all worth it..!

Loobie · 13/08/2003 19:22

Congrats to you and yours,enjoy your new baby daughter.

aloha · 13/08/2003 19:43

Congratulations! Sounds tough, but you are back at home now so things will hopefully seem better.
If you are interested in trying to breastfeed I'm sure it's not too late - I bet Mears or TikTok could help. Just a thought.
Welcome Charlotte.

Marina · 13/08/2003 21:55

Frogling, what beautiful names. So sorry your birth was not all you hoped for, glad you are back home in one piece. Many congratulations to you all!

LucieB · 14/08/2003 11:15

Many congratulations - do post when you can to let us know how you are getting on.

Ghosty · 14/08/2003 11:18

Congratulations Frogling ... Well done!

winnie1 · 14/08/2003 11:55

Frogling, congratulations!

WideWebWitch · 14/08/2003 13:57

Well done frogling!

morocco · 14/08/2003 20:09

congrats frogling on the arrival of Charlotte. Great news.

musica · 14/08/2003 20:53

Congratulations! And lovely names - I like all of them! Well done, and hope you're recovering well.

colette · 14/08/2003 21:26

It's wonderful to be home with a new baby isn't it.

anais · 14/08/2003 21:32


Bron · 14/08/2003 22:00

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ailsa · 14/08/2003 23:14

Congratulations Frogling

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