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Maylia arrives after 1.5hr labour

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BunInTum · 02/09/2005 23:18

Hi all

My little bundle of joy arrived on 18th Aug - 7 days late.

After lots of frustration waiting for her to arrive I went for a sweep at 11.30am and went into labour at home at 8.15pm - only call me silly but I didnt realise it was real labour because by 8.30pm I was getting contractions every minute and thought it was supposed to start off with half an hour intervals. So took a bath to shave my legs and decided labour or not the pain was too much to not get pain relief. Left home at 9.10pm and got to hospital at 9.30.

Screamed all the way to hospital and ran in just in time as waters broke within 5 mins of arriving at birth centre, meconium in waters so had to be wheeled down to delivery suite instead. I climbed onto the bed and told midwives that I was going to have it right now, Midwife said "Oh my god you're right!" Baby Maylia made her arrival at 9.44pm weighing 7lb 8oz. No stitches this time which I was very pleased about.

Im still in shock from the speed of it, it all seemed surreal at the time but absolutely adore her.

Congratulations to everyone who has had their bubs and best of luck to all those that haven't.

BunInTum x

OP posts:
jamiesam · 02/09/2005 23:22

Wow, what a great birth story. Congratulations.
Good weight (and no stitches!) and lovely name. Home the next day I take it

bran · 02/09/2005 23:23


Are you going to be BunOutofTum now?

MarsLady · 03/09/2005 00:15


Miaou · 03/09/2005 00:21

congratulations BinT!

waterfalls · 03/09/2005 00:29

Congrats you will have to change your nickname now.

beansprout · 03/09/2005 04:56

Congratulations and what a wonderful birth! A beautiful name as well. Welcome Maylia!

Springchicken · 05/09/2005 16:23

Congratulations BIT Great name too.

Gem13 · 05/09/2005 16:32

Congratulations and welcome to Maylia

I laughed at the idea of shaving your legs an hour before you gave birth! You must have a high pain threshold!

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