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when do babies stop wearing scratch mitts?

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PurlyQueen · 12/04/2008 17:00

my son is 3 weeks old but i dare not take his off yet as hia hands keep wandering to his eyes!

OP posts:
fishie · 12/04/2008 17:05

i never used them. keep his nails short.

Coolmama · 12/04/2008 17:06

never used them - just made sure his nails were always neat - they just used to irritate me

flack · 12/04/2008 19:03

In theory when they can knowingly use their hands, i guess, about 15 weeks then.
I often forget to use them and ds has scratched himself, tho not badly.

morningpaper · 12/04/2008 19:04

I never used them, just filed their nails short with an emery board while I was feeding them

themildmanneredjanitor · 12/04/2008 19:05

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Meandmyjoe · 12/04/2008 20:03

I stopped using them when ds was 8 weeks. He still used to scratch himself a bit but I used to make sure his nails were short. I remember not having a clue when to stop using them so it's a good thread! In the end I only stopped putting them on him as he grew out of the all the ones I had bought. He had hands like shovels! (Still does have enormous hands and feet.)

NellyTheElephant · 13/04/2008 20:21

I never used them. Tried to make sure nails were short, but we did get occasional tiny scrathces, but really nothing major, nothing you (or he) would bat an eyelid about! Both my DDs were (are) masive thumb suckers and by 4 wks or so were already starting to suck at their hands for comfort (although didn't find thumb properly until about 3 months) so scratch mits weren't really an option.

DoubleBluff · 13/04/2008 20:24

Never used them

lackaDAISYcal · 13/04/2008 20:25

I never used them as they wouldn't stay on!

We did have some babygros with turn over cuffs though so used those at night, but mainly to keep hands warm in the colder months (to save on those freezing hands moments during night-time breastfeeds) rather than to avoid scratching.

CristinaTheAstonishing · 13/04/2008 20:25

Another never used them.

PuhPeng · 13/04/2008 20:27

I think I used them for a week or so, but I felt mean not letting dd have her hands.

Just kept her nails short. Any scratches healed quickly.

FrayedKnot · 13/04/2008 20:28

I never used them either

lilyloo · 13/04/2008 20:31

i use the babygrows with the mitts attached at night to keep dd 12 weeks hands warm now but have uesd mitts up to last few weeks as dd always rubs at her face when she is tired and have only had one bad scratch when it fell off.

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