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DD stressed out by teacher

SingSangSung · 16/06/2022 22:20

Our DD is in Y6 and so stressed out by her teacher's behaviour that she's been in tears all evening, saying she doesn't want to go to school anymore. She's also got marks on her arm from pressing her fingernails into her skin during the day, which she said she did because her teacher was yelling so much.

She says he constantly tells everyone off and yells about everything. But he changes his behaviour when other teachers come into the classroom, so no one seems to notice.

We've heard stories from other kids all year: the teacher plays favourites, signals certain kids out that he clearly doesn't like, makes lots of mistakes in many subjects. I've seen some of the sample writing he's given the children and it's riddled with errors.

We've spoken previously to the Assistant Head for the year and to the Head about our concerns about the teacher and the effect his teaching style has had on our child, who is normally an enthusiastic learner. He is new to the school and his style is very out of step with the general holistic approach of the school. They say the teacher is strict and no-nonsense but they don't see a bigger problem and they say the kids really like him.

I was hoping DD would somehow just get through the final weeks of school and then be done having to deal with him, but I'm really worried now, given her mood tonight and the marks on her arms.

What should we do next to get the school to take this seriously?

I'm also really worried about our younger DD getting the same teacher in a few years, if he stays in the school.

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Mummyof287 · 20/06/2022 20:59

If the headteacher isn't taking your concerns seriously then go to the governors, or if need be OFSTED.
Shame to hear that the 'yelling teachers' still exist....thought they had all been phased out nowadays but clearly not :(

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