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10 month old lost interest in cruising

NoSleepNoImagination · 15/06/2022 14:29

Hi all,

Just looking for other peoples’ experiences really. My 10 month old DS has been crawling since 8 months and was very quick to pull up and cruise shortly after, but now he’s gotten so good at crawling, he’s not interested in cruising anymore.

We try to encourage him by putting his toys up high on the sofas etc. but although he’ll crawl over and pull up to get one, he drops back down again to crawl over to a different part of the sofa to get a new one! He used to cruise to do this, but no longer seems bothered by it and has lost all interest in using his push along walker or being walked by us. He just drops to his knees if we try haha.

I’m not too worried as I’m sure he’ll walk in his own time, but I just find it strange that he’s gone off it all of a sudden. Has anyone else found this with their DC?

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