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Distracted 8 year old

nrb74 · 13/06/2022 17:33

A bit of a desperate post this one. ( need some quick suggestions if not quick fixes).

My 8 year old is in Year 3. Unfortunately, since the last few months he has been getting negative remarks at school.

Distracting in class.. not being ready... borrowing ruler / glue stick etc., .. his teacher totally despises these since somehow all these lead to distractions. ( I am not here to debate whether the teacher is right or wrong).

Whilst these may or may not be what a typical 8 year old boy is like... unfortunately I am totally stressed out by the daily remarks he gets (the teacher does write in a small notebook about his behaviour in class) - it leads me to my own temper issues and no matter how much I try to reform I feel unable to.

I am now considering changing schools.. but wont be too sure if it is going to be possible unless I moved counties.

Any suggestions from any one please? anything I can do to improve his behaviour ?

He does his maths and reading pretty well... tops his class in those.. but things like writing and all these 'distractions' are really really hurting badly.

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Tomorrowsanotherday1 · 20/06/2022 22:20

I have constantly heard my DD who is 9 is distracted. In year 3 I got really concerned as by now I thought she should have grown out of it. Her teacher didn't really get her either.
I found the highly sensitive child info which she fit to a tee and started to try and understand that her distractedness could be because she's overstimulated - noise in classroom, bright lights, lots of colours etc on walls, noises outside the window etc. lockdown hit before we could really implement much.

In year 4 she's like a different child, she seems to have matured (believe me when i say i never thought I'd ever say this). I researched for years how to help her. At the start of year 4 I spoke to the teacher about my highly sensitive child and by that point inattentive adhd thoughts and the teacher really took that on board and implemented time blocking for her and different seating plans until she found what worked. Apart from geeing her along the teacher says she's brilliant and totally different.

One other thing we did was enroll her in extra tuition at a group tutoring session with mixed year groups. I can't believe the work she is turning out. She used to write 3 lines in half and hour. Now she is writing a page. I think she likes the little booth she works at with one on one support. It's given her a confidence boost. She loves it. I think this has helped her the most and an understanding teacher who wanted to help.

Good luck. It's very stressful

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