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11 w/o, feeding issues

Catchingrainbows · 13/06/2022 15:59

Hi there

My LO is 11 weeks old and since she was around 7 weeks old she has been fussy taking a bottle. Kicks her legs, goes red, grunts, turns her head… takes a number of goes for her to attempt to finish a bottle.

Her poos are generally greeny and liquidy.

She sneezes quite often, coughs occasionally, has a lot of gas. Cries hysterically sometimes when going for a poo.

Otherwise she is happy, sleeps relatives well as well, unsettled after some feeds.

She was originally on Aptamil and I changed her to Kendamil which she was slightly better on but now is going back to being very fussy on most bottles.

Does this sound like CMPA?

Many thanks in advance

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